62 Free Marketing Templates You Didn’t Know You Needed

<div>62 Free Marketing Templates You Didn't Know You Needed</div>
<div>62 Free Marketing Templates You Didn't Know You Needed</div>

62 Free Marketing Templates You Didn’t Know You Needed

Doing anything for the first time ever is really hard. I recently helped plan a big event and as a content marketer…well…let’s just say it wasn’t my favorite task. That’s why the spirit in the sky created marketing templates.

When you're starting from scratch and you find a template.

I know that I would be lost and alone without so many of these templates. I’ve used them myself, as a constant employee of startups, and I can’t imagine what other marketers do without them. So if you want to be proud of building from the ground up while not reinventing the wheel, take a look!

We've got templates for big plans, small requests, and everything in between. Many of them are our own, but we've included plenty of templates from others just in case you get sick of us.

Have at it!

Marketing templates table of contents

Free marketing plan templates

  • LOCALiQ’s Small Business Marketing Plan Template
    Of course, we have to toot our own horn here. All we do is focus on helping small businesses succeed, and we have the marketing template to do just that.
  • LOCALiQ's Growth Strategy Template
    Learn how to create your growth strategy in seven steps, and get the template to make it official!
  • WordStream's SWOT Analysis Example
    We use a fictional restaurant to create a full four-quadrant SWOT analysis that you can model after.
  • Monday.com’s Marketing Plan Template on InVision
    InVision has tons of templates from brand name businesses. I am a fan of Monday.com, so I gravitated toward their version. Of course, you do need an InVision account, but you can sign up for free!
  • AddThis’s Free Marketing Plan Template
    This is their “ultimate” template and guide combo. It instructs you how to create a marketing plan and offers not only their own template to download, but links to a few others as well.

Content marketing templates

My favorite! Titles, calendars, posts, research, and more! I love looking at marketing templates for content, partly because my organization can always use improvement and because this is a great way to learn about new tools.

  • WordStream's 5 Tried-and-True Copywriting Formulas
    Whether you prefer the 4Cs, PAS, AIDA, BAB, or don't even know what these acronyms mean, check out these five copywriting formulas with examples and tips on how to apply them to your own content.
  • WordStream's 15 Mission Statement Examples
    Here we teach you how to write a powerful business mission statement, provide a few main templates, and then share 15 examples to model after.
  • WordStream's Review Request Templates
    Reviews are the number one ranking factor for local search. And the best part is, your customers are willing to write them, you just need to ask! Follow these tips and best practices for asking for reviews, with 12 copy and pasteable templates.

Content audit templates

  • WordStream’s Content Audit Templates
    Kristen has you covered in this post on content audits, although she is a certain type of content writer who–wait for it–loves excel sheets. You heard that right. She is a magical unicorn of writers whose audit tips you need to steal. Immediately.
  • Curata’s Content Audit Template
    This template comes with a full overview of how to execute a content audit, from the tools to use to execution. Curata even takes you through how to fill any gaps you find and structure a new content strategy.

Blog templates


  • Vital Dollar’s Blog Post Title Templates
    Blog post titles are my *least* favorite part of writing. Vital Dollar offers over 200 blog post title templates (bless) for us to use when we’re in need of a catchy headline. 
  • CoSchedule’s 101 Catchy Blog Title Formulas
    Combined with CoSchedule’s 101 blog title formulas, you should be set for every day of the year!

Free Google Ads templates

If you’re thrown into spending money on paid search marketing campaigns, but you’re not a demand gen marketer…these are the templates for you. And if you’re a seasoned demand gen marketer or paid search expert, it can’t hurt to brush up on your templates.

  • WordStream’s 34 Killer Google Ads Templates
    With expanded text ads going away and the ever-evolving platform, Google Ads templates can be hard to come by. But we have some ad copy examples that you can still snag and use in your RSAs and more.
  • WordStream's 7 Ready-Made Google Ads Headline Formulas
    Along with these formulas, we've got some examples and shortcuts so you don't have to write Google ads from scratch!
  • WordStream's Cost Data Import Template
    Did you know that you can look at advertising costs for all of your channels (even those outside of Google) in Google Ads? Learn how here and use the free template provided.
  • Google Ads’ Template Ad Builder
    Warning: this template ad builder is for TemplateAds specifically. But since we’re here to talk about templates, it’s worth a read if you’re not leveraging templated display ads already.
  • Zima Media’s Google Ads Template
    Are you a business owner trying to test the grounds for your first Google Ads campaign or a newbie marketer looking for some cool ideas? Check out Zima Media’s tips and tricks on how to write flawless Google Ads copy without making your brain melt.

Free Facebook ad templates

The possibilities are endless for Facebook ads—so where do you even start? Let these examples and templates guide you.

  • WordStream's 7 Awesome Facebook Ad Examples
    In this post, we take a look at some of the best Facebook ad examples we've seen, what makes them particularly effective, and how you can make your own Facebook ads more compelling.
  • AdEspresso’s Facebook Ad Template
    AdEspresso has 20 free Facebook ad templates for any type of business. They also have 20 additional downloadable templates!
  • Canva’s Free and customizable Facebook ad templates
    Okay, Canva rocks for Facebook ad design. When I was at WordStream, I learned how to create blog headers and Facebook ads through Canva. They have thousands of templates and images to choose from, so go crazy.

Keyword research templates

No matter your brand voice, and no matter whether you're writing paid ad copy or organic content, keywords are the backbone of your content. In addition to free keyword research tools, check out these templates:

  • Sheets for Marketers’ Keyword Research Templates
    Want to automate keyword research using the humble spreadsheet? Try these Google Sheets templates to speed up your process.mplate (available in Excel and Google Sheets). This template will help you do keyword research quickly and effectively.
  • Neil Patel’s SEO Pack
    Neil Patel put together 21 SEO worksheet template packs, which are accompanied by expert advice on how to get start with SEO. 
  • Backlinko’s Marketing Keyword Research Template
    Streamline and organize your keyword research with this free te

Need help populating your sheet with conversion-rich keywords? Try our Free Keyword Tool!

Free social media marketing templates

Social media marketing templates are some of the most important to keep up to date. Social media platforms are constantly changing their offerings; even more so with iOS updates. Check out these social media marketing templates. And if you're interested, check out our Local Social Media Marketing Lab for tons of post ideas.

    Instagram templates

    From image ideas to captions, we've got you covered.

    • LOCALiQ’s 80+ Instagram Captions
      One post with over 80 ideas from Instagram captions. I personally come up with at least 3 different versions of captions before I post and it is ~stressful~. This post will help get the gears moving and get your post out to the world faster.
    • Adobe Sparks’ Free Editable Instagram Posts
      Adobe Spark Post offers professionally designed templates to get your wheels spinning or create your own post from scratch. Establish a theme for your designs using photos, icons, logos, personalized fonts, and other customizable elements to make them feel entirely authentic.
    • Canva’s Free, customizable Instagram post templates
      Seems like I can’t include enough Canva templates in this post, but here we are again with tons of free instagram post templates for non-designers. 
    • Crello’s Instagram Templates
      Crello has an insane amount of templates–not just for Instagram–and they’re adding more all the time. Come here for inspiration, to create an Instagram post or Snapchat filter, and watch the engagement roll in.

    Influencer outreach templates

    You can't just send an influencer any ol' message. Use these templates to keep your emails out of their trash.

    • Upfluence’s Influencer Outreach Email Template
      Who better to tell you how to reach out to influencers than Upfluence? They have everything you need to personalize and maximize your outreach.
    • Flowrite’s Influencer Outreach Emails
      Here are some best practices and examples for outreach emails, as well as ways to copy them.

    Free email marketing templates

    Email marketing! I’m embarrassed to say that I started out as an email marketer and my skills are rusty. I need these templates more than I like to admit, and if you’re anyone who does not practice email marketing full time, you likely need them too.

      Email subject line templates

      • WordStream's 34 Email Subject Lines to Increase Open Rates
        In this post, we cover nine of the best email subject line styles to help you increase your open rates, along with 34 examples you can adapt to your business
      • LOCALiQ's 40 Great Email Subject Lines
        Whether you’re a lawyer, dentist, real estate agent, or are just looking to get more opens, these tips and examples will help you reach your goals.

      Marketing email templates


      Email newsletter templates

      • WordStream's 75+ Creative Newsletter Name Ideas & Examples
        Your readers are getting this email regularly, so make the name a good one! Whether it's with alliteration, rhyming, or being quirky, use these 75+ ideas and examples to come up with your own great newsletter name.
      • LOCALiQ's 75+ Newsletter Ideas & Examples for Every Month of the Year
        No need to rack your brain every month trying to come up with something authentic. Use these ideas and examples so your readers will be looking forward to your monthly sends!
      • MailChimp’s 100+ Email and Newsletter Templates
        While these are exclusively for Mailchimp users, if you have a login, take a look. It’s worth it to see some best practices and get design inspiration.
      • Venngage’s 65+ Email Newsletter Templates 
        Venngage offers over 65 templates PLUS design tips in this listicle, which is plenty of inspiration. Just add your brand colors, and bam! Email marketing at your disposal.

      Email signature templates

      • WordStream's 7 Brilliant Email Signatures
        Check out the latest trends in email signatures, and examples to show you how to copy them.
      • Mysignature.io’s Email Signature Examples
        My Signature does email signatures for a living, but if you’re looking for great examples instead of a tool, you’re still in luck.
      • HubSpot’s  Email Signature Template Generator
        Yes, I know this isn’t a template, but it’s a template generator. Which seems good enough for me. This free tool is actually pretty cool to use.


      Networking email templates

      • WordStream’s 9 Networking Email Templates
        No less than 27 email subject line examples and nine copy and pasteable email templates! Dive in and make some new professional friends.
      • The Muse’s 4 Networking Email Templates to Use
        The Muse is my go-to for anything networking or interviewing, and these 4 templates are some of the best.
      • Career Contessa’s Networking Templates
        For working women (and men, okay), Career Contessa takes you back to basics with these networking basics. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

      Free marketing calendar templates

      Planning has never been easier! Take your pick:

      • LOCALiQ's Ultimate Marketing Planning Template
        In this post, we share monthly marketing calendar templates along with a year's worth of event, promotion, and social media ideas. Creative marketing ideas galore! 
      • SmartSheet’s Free Email Marketing Calendar Template
        SmartSheet has 15 free email marketing calendar templates in their roundup. It’s hard to find an email-specific calendar template, which is able to include all the information you need, and SmartSheet has solid options.
      • Hootsuite’s Social Media Calendar Templates
        I’m only listing one social media template here because, well, it was the only one worth listing. Hootsuite has got social media scheduling down pat, and they offer 20 whole templates here! I’ve used Hootsuite’s templates, my intern now uses them, I’m a fan.
      • Airtable’s Content Calendar Template
        My team used Airtable at a previous company and I became fully addicted–after I figured out how to use it. If you’re like me, your brain doesn’t organize content well within excel sheets and you need some project management tool help. Airtable’s templates are a great place to start.
      • CoSchedule’s Content Calendar Template
        In this post, CoSchedule shows you how to build the perfect content calendar, keep it full with ideas, and make it easier for your marketing team to do their job.
      • Notion Everything’s Content Calendar
        I love everything about Notion, including their crowd-sourced Notion Everything templates. I currently use a Notion template for my content calendar and it is fantastic. Check out their library of templates and find inspiration.  

      Landing page templates

        Free sales forecast templates

        Sales teams project future deals for your team through a forecast document. Online template costs typically range from free to under $100 and are usually designed for Excel or Google Sheets. Here are a few to choose from.

        • WordStream’s Sales Forecast Templates
          WordStream compiled nine sales forecast templates for your planning pleasure. These are the best they could find, so you don’t need to waste your time downloading templates that are simply not worth your time.
        • LOCALiQ's Sales Funnel Template
          The only sales funnel template you'll ever need for your business! You'll also learn the ins and outs of a sales funnel and why you need one.
        • Fit Small Business’s Sales Forecast Templates for Small Businesses
          To help you speed up forecast creation, Fit Small Business compiled this list of 15 templates designed for a variety of business use cases.

        Free marketing budget templates

        Keep your checkbook in check with these budgeting templates.

        • Smartsheet’s 12 Free Budget Templates 
          You’ll see SmartSheet a few times on this list, for good reason. Anything you can do in spreadsheet, you can do it better through a SmartSheet template. Even better, they’ll give you a link to a free google sheets template, all set up and ready to go.
        • GanttPro’s Downloadable Budget Template
          Easily manage marketing projects with this downloadable marketing budget template.
        • Pipefy’s Marketing Budget Template
          This is a free template through Pipefy’s platform, built to share. That means if you’re a marketing freelancer or agencies with clients, this is the one for you.

        More free marketing templates

        Just a couple more!

        • Canva’s Library of marketing Presentation Templates
          I can’t tell you how much I leaned on Canva when working for very early stage startups. Their extensive library of presentation templates will help get you budget, funding, plan a marketing strategy, you name it. 
        • Moo’s Business card templates
          If you’re looking for business cards, look no further than Moo. Their templates are built into their platform, so you can easily design and order your business cards all-in-one.

        If you have a marketing template we should add here, let us know!

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