Google Local Service Ads for Roofing Companies: Everything You Need To Know

Google Local Service Ads for Roofing Companies: Everything You Need To Know
Google Local Service Ads for Roofing Companies: Everything You Need To Know

Google Local Service Ads for Roofing Companies: Everything You Need To Know

Google Local Service Ads for Roofing Companies: Everything You Need To Know

Local Services Ads: A Top Source of Qualified Leads for Roofing Companies

Google Local Service Ads for roofers offer a reliable, low cost-per-lead channel that serves users your company’s name, reviews, and phone number at the top of Google search results.

Search rankings in Local Services Ads for roofers

Unlike PPC, you pay for qualified leads from Local Services Ads rather than clicks. This means you pay directly for phone calls from users interested in your services.

One recent success story, Greater Midwest Exteriors (seen in the screenshot above), has seen strong results and is receiving dozens of calls each month from customers interested in its roofing services.

In three months, Greater Midwest Exteriors has generated, on average, 37 qualified leads per month from its Local Services Ads investment. These leads have come at a low cost per lead and work in tandem with Google PPC to generate consistent, quality lead flow for Greater Midwest Exteriors.

Local Service Ads for roofers are the ideal channel for generating qualified leads for various roofing services in specific service areas. Google offers a list of different roofing services to choose from and shows ads to customers searching for those services in specific service areas.

Local Services Ads for roofers job types

What Is Google Guarantee?

The Google Guarantee badge is your business’s certification from Google after passing its screening and qualification process. Roofing companies must earn the Google Guarantee accreditation before they are eligible to advertise via Local Services.

This badge shows up below the company name and its reviews on your Local Services ad. This badge creates both a sense of trust between service providers and is an important factor in your ad rank. For your Local Services ad to be competitive, a Google Guarantee badge is a must!

The Google Guaranteed Badge Protects Your Customers, Too

With the Google Guarantee badge also comes the potential benefit of Google’s refund policy. If a customer isn’t satisfied with the quality of your work, Google can reimburse the customer up to $2,000. While this decision is completely up to Google, the policy is an additional perk of the Google Guarantee badge.

Application Process

The application process for Google Local Service Ads starts with gathering basic information:

  • Business owner name
  • Business owner email (for background checks)
  • Number of business owners and technicians
  • Year founded
  • Business days and hours
  • Business address
  • Service areas (ZIP codes or cities)
  • Weekly budget
  • Copy of liability insurance
  • Copy of contractor license
  • Credit card
  • Job types
  • Highlights

Using this information, we create a new Local Services account with your business hours, list of roofing services offered, and service area. We also submit your copy of your business insurance and contractor license for Google review.

In addition to providing the initial information and documents, a business owner must complete a background check through Evident, a third-party verification system that partners with Google.

Luckily, Google does not require technician background checks for roofing companies, making it easier (and faster) for your ads to get up and running!

Google Local Service Ads Ranking Factors

Just like pay per click advertising (PPC), Google Local Service Ads are ranked and displayed in search results based on a number of criteria:

  • Verification status — do you have the Google Guarantee?
  • Your bid for each lead
  • Your review score and number of reviews
  • Your responsiveness to customers’ calls (answered calls/total calls)
  • Your proximity to customers
  • Your business hours
  • Search term and time of the search

Google considers all these factors when displaying your ads, and each plays into how high your ad shows in the search results. While some of these ranking factors are difficult to change, we are able to alter our bid and bid strategy easily. Google Local Service Ads offers two bidding strategies:

  • Max Per Lead – Set how much you are willing to pay for each lead
  • Maximize Leads – An automated bid strategy where Google uses your weekly budget to generate as many leads as possible with varying costs

Google Local Service Ads vs. PPC

  • You pay for leads rather than clicks. With Local Service Ads, you pay when a customer contacts you rather than clicking your ad (like with PPC). With LSA, you pay for exactly what you get: quality leads from potential customers.
  • You don’t have to focus on how keywords perform or negate irrelevant search terms. Local Service Ads are easy to set up and run. Google automatically takes your ranking factors into account and standardizes your ad when it shows in search results.
  • GLSA leads generally come at a lower cost/lead, particularly with roofing service companies. Since LSA ads are at the top of Google Search results, users are more likely to interact with an LSA ad. This leads to more efficient lead generation.
  • We are able to recover your budget by disputing leads with GLSA. By disputing irrelevant charged leads, you only pay for quality, relevant leads that are in your service area and service capabilities.

Google Local Service Ads and pay per click for roofers perform best when working together. Google Local Service Ads are an excellent way to reach potential customers by appearing at the very top of search results. Users are prompted to call and can view reviews immediately for your roofing company.

With PPC for roofing companies, your company will be found in the second search position — just underneath the Local Services results. This helps you maximize your online real estate while also catering to homeowners who don’t click on Local Services results, opting instead for companies investing in roofer PPC advertising services.

In our PPC campaigns for roofers, we include attractive headlines, descriptions, and offers in your ads to appeal to customers. PPC and GLSA work together to bring your roofing company a consistent flow of quality leads.

Why You Should Care

Local Services Ads are one of the first marketing investments any roofing company should make that needs more qualified leads. Local Services’ high visibility on Google combined with its affordable cost per lead make it one of the most fruitful lead generation channels available to roofers.

Grow Your Business With Blue Corona

Don’t have the time or resources to set up and manage your company’s Local Services Ads? Leave it to the professionals at Blue Corona. We have experience managing hundreds of Local Services campaigns for home service businesses, including roofers.

Send us a message to schedule a free marketing consultation and to learn more about how Blue Corona can help you increase qualified leads and sales from the web.


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