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What Are Brand Identity Elements?

What Are Brand Identity Elements?

Branding is tough. It requires you to truly understand the message you want your business to convey to the world, and to understand your customers and what you want them to take away from your business. One of the key parts of branding is establishing brand elements, and, in this post, we’ll discuss what they are,…

<div>The Beginner's Guide to Brand Pillars</div>

The Beginner’s Guide to Brand Pillars

Although the practices of marketing and branding have been around for centuries, the industries started to shift in the 1990s. The digital age came about and companies began to market their brands more than their products with the goal of giving their company a personality. As a millennial born in the early 90s, I grew…

<div>16 Benefits of Branding & Co-Branding</div>

16 Benefits of Branding & Co-Branding

In more ways than one, branding is a pillar of success. It helps you develop a set of features unique to your business, like a logo and brand name, which allows customers to come to know your brand and associate it with what you have to offer. Branding is impactful in and of itself, but co-branding…