114 Social Media Demographics that Matter to Marketers in 2022

114 Social Media Demographics that Matter to Marketers in 2022
114 Social Media Demographics that Matter to Marketers in 2022

114 Social Media Demographics that Matter to Marketers in 2022

When building a marketing strategy for your brand, knowing the demographics of your potential audience is essential. You can’t access your target audience if you don’t use the same social platforms that they use—that’s like expecting to win the lottery without buying a ticket. (But we can dream, can’t we?)

You can get an idea of demographics by scrolling, but things like algorithms can skew your perception of any platform. So the best way to determine who is using which social media networks (and from where, and how often, and how much money they have to spend) is by looking at the hard numbers. Here are over one hundred social media demographics that matter to marketers in 2022.

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General social media demographics

1. As of January 2022, the number of social media users worldwide was 4.62 billion. That’s more than half of the entire population of earth.

2. Globally, we spend an average of 2 hours and 27 minutes on social media per day.

daily time spent with media and devices

3. Users in Nigeria are spending the most time on social media: 4 hours and 7 minutes per day.

4. 54% of all global social media users identify as male. There is a digital gender gap worldwide. The biggest divide is in southern Asia, where only 28% of social media users identify themselves as female.

social media audience gender balance

5. But the global female-identifying audience spends more time on social media compared to their male-identifying counterparts. In fact, the group that spends the most overall time on social media is females between the ages of 16 and 24 (an average of 3 hours and 13 minutes a day).

6. The average user spends about 35% of their total time using the internet on social media.

7. Facebook is still the world’s most popular social media platform. It currently has almost 3 billion global active users.

the world's most used social platforms

8. But Facebook isn’t the world’s “favourite” social media site—that title goes to Whatsapp, which has won 15.7% of hearts globally.

9. Almost 50% of global internet users say “keeping in touch with friends and family” is a primary reason why they use social media. Other top primary reasons are “filling spare time,” “reading news stories” and “finding content.” Only 17.4% of internet users listed “supporting and connecting with good causes” as a primary reason. (Which is kind of a bummer, right?)

10. Every month, the average internet user uses 7.5 different social media platforms. The country using the least number of social platforms is Japan (an average of 3.9 per month) and the country using the most social platforms is Brazil (an average of 8.7 monthly).

Facebook demographics

The mother of all social media networks! Facebook was founded in 2004. For reference, that’s a year before the world’s most-followed TikTok star, Charli D’Amelio, was born. Facebook remains the world’s most popular media platform, and chances are, your target audience uses it (looking at the top 16 social media apps, over 79% of users of every other network also use Facebook).

General Facebook demographics

11. Facebook has >2.9 billion monthly active users.

12. The daily active user count is 1.93 billion.

13. Daily active users account for 66% of Facebook’s monthly active users.

14. The average Facebook user spends 19.6 hours per month on the app.

15. 561 million people use Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook age and gender demographics

16. 41% of all Facebook users are ages 45 and older.

17. 31% of all Facebook users are ages 25 to 34.

18. 56.6% of Facebook users identify as male, and 43.4% identify as female. And male users ages 25 to 34 continue to make up the biggest demographic of Facebook users.

share of active Facebook users male and female

Source: Statista

19. As for Facebook Marketplace, 44.9% of users identify as female and 55.1% identify as male.

20. Out of all major social networks, Facebook has the smallest age gap in users (the difference between the youngest and oldest users is about 20 years on average).

Facebook geography statistics

21. India has the most Facebook users in the world, with more than 329 million users.

22. After India, the countries with the most users in the world are: the USA (180 million), Indonesia (130 million) and Brazil (116 million).

number of Facebook users in millions by country

Source: Statista

Facebook device statistics

23. 98.5% of all Facebook users globally access the platform using some kind of mobile device.

24. 82% of users only access Facebook using a mobile phone.

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Facebook education and income demographics

25. In the U.S., 89% of college graduates use Facebook.

26. Money-wise, Facebook is pretty consistent regardless of how much you make: 70% of Americans making less than $30,000 a year use Facebook, which is the same percentage as those with an income above $75,000.

Instagram demographics

Instagram is the world’s fourth most-used social media platform. The ‘gram first came on the social scene in 2010 (the same year Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” dropped). This visual-focused platform has seen the introduction of Reels, shops and Live in recent years, so the opportunities to use the network for marketing (and making money) are only growing.

General Instagram demographics

Instagram advertising audience overview

27. Over 1 billion users log in to Instagram each month.

28. In 2021, users spent an average of 11 hours per month using the mobile Instagram app.

29. 24% of users log in more than once per day.

Instagram age and gender demographics

30. As of January 2022, 49% of all Instagram users worldwide are female.

31. More than half of global Instagram users are under the age of 35.

32. Instagram is notably popular among younger users: it’s the most-used social media platform among American teenagers (84% of teens in the U.S. use it at least once a month).

percentage of Instagram users male and female graph

Source: Statista

Instagram geography demographics

33. India has the most Instagram users in the world, with 230 million users as of January 2022.

34. Following India, the countries with the most Instagram users in the world are the U.S. (158 million), Brazil (119 million), Indonesia (99 million) and Russia (63 million).

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Twitter demographics

Micro-blogging app Twitter has had a huge influence on how news spreads—and some pretty incredible impact on social movements—since it first launched in 2006 (that’s also the year Meryl Streep vehicle The Devil Wears Prada and everyone’s vehicle Cars premiered). Tweets can spread like wildfire: here’s the info you need to keep things burning.

General Twitter demographics

35. Twitter’s average number of monetizable daily active users is 217 million.

36. Twitter.com is the 9th most visited website globally.

37. Twitter has 436 million monthly active users.

38. In 2021, Twitter took fourth place in a study of most-used social media networks in the United States (it was behind Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat).

39. The average user spends 5.1 hours a month on Twitter.

40. There are over 500 million Tweets sent per day.

Twitter age and gender demographics

41. 38.5% of Twitter users worldwide are between the ages of 25 and 34. And 59.2% of Twitter users worldwide are ages 25 to 49.

42. 56.4% of Twitter’s advertising audience identifies as male, and 43.6% identify as female.

Twitter advertising audience overview

Twitter geography stats

43. Twitter is most popular in the USA, where it has 76.9 million users.

44. Japan (59 million), India (24 million) and Brazil (19 million) have the most Twitter users after the USA.

Twitter demographics by income and education

45. 26% of Twitter users in the USA have completed some college. 59% have either completed some college or have a degree.

46. 12% of American Twitter users report making less than $30,000 a year, and 34% say they earn over $75,000 per year.

use of online platforms, apps varies by demographic group

Source: PEW Research Centre

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Snapchat demographics

This platform is known for being popular with younger audiences—but it actually has the largest average age gap out of any social media platform (more on that later) meaning that both the young and old love to snap. Kids, don’t forget to snap your grandma today. Gotta keep up that streak. Snapchat is the 12th most-used social media network worldwide, and was first launched in 2011 (the year Prince William and Kate Middleton were married).

General Snapchat demographics

47. Snapchat has 557 million users globally.

48. 319 million people use Snapchat each day.

49. Snapchatters over 13 (referred to as “The Snapchat Generation” by the company) prefer to communicate with pictures instead of words.

50. 45% of U.S. Snapchat users say they use the platform several times a day.

Snapchat age and gender demographics

51. 54% of Snapchatters are female and 39% are male.

52. 82% of users are under the age of 35.

53. The platform’s largest advertising audience is people (of all genders) aged 18 to 24. At the beginning of 2020, the largest advertising audience was females ages 25 to 34.

54. In the U.S., Snapchat has the largest age gap in users out of any social media platform, with a 63 year difference between the youngest and oldest Snapchatters.

age gaps in Snapchat, Instagram use are particularly wide, less so for Facebook

Source: PEW Research Centre

Snapchat geography stats

55. India is the country with the largest number of Snapchat users (126 million).

56. The United States (107 million), France (24.2 million) and the United Kingdom (21 million) follow India for the largest Snapchat base in the world.

Snapchat audience size in millions by country graph

Source: Statista

Snapchat demographics by income and education

57. 55% of American Snapchatters either have a degree or have completed some college education.

58. In the U.S., Snapchat users are pretty evenly dispersed in terms of how much money they make: 25% make less than $30,000 a year, 27% ma2ke between $30k and $50k, 29% make between $50k and $75k, and 28% make over $75,000 a year.

YouTube demographics

Youtube’s first video premiered in 2005 (also the year that Grey’s Anatomy first aired). 81% of internet users have used Youtube at least once, and it’s the world’s second most-used social platform. Recommended for you? Brushing up on some stats.

General YouTube demographics

59. YouTube has 2.56 billion users worldwide.

60. YouTube has over 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors.

61. The average visitor spends 14 minutes and 55 seconds on YouTube daily.

62.  More hours of video content are being uploaded to YouTube each year, and in 2020, there were about 30,000 new hours of video uploaded each hour.

63. As of 2021, the number of hours of Youtube videos streamed in one “internet minute” was 694,000.

YouTube age and gender demographics

64. In the United States, 46.1% of Youtube users identify as female, and 53.9% identify as male.

65. 77% of Internet users in the USA ages 15 to 25 use YouTube.

reach of YouTube users by age range

Source: Statista

YouTube geography stats

66. YouTubers are most likely to be in the USA, followed by India, then China.

67. Youtube’s ad reach is largest in the Netherlands (95% potential reach) then South Korea (94%), then New Zealand (93.9%).


68. 78.2% of YouTube users are accessing the site using a desktop computer.

69. Mobile users visit double the number of Youtube pages that desktop users do.

70. In the USA, 41% of YouTube users access YouTube via a tablet device.

71. Worldwide, users spend an average of 23.9 hours per month accessing Youtube from mobile devices.

YouTube time spent using mobile app

YouTube demographics by income and education

72. 90% of Americans who make $75,000 a year or more use Youtube.

73. 89% of Americans with a college degree say they’ve used Youtube.

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LinkedIn demographics

Hi! We came across your profile and we’d love to connect you with LinkedIn. This work- and career-oriented platform was founded in 2002 (yes, it’s the “most experienced” on this list, which really vibes with the professional nature of the app—oh, and it also came out the same year Avril Lavinge released her first album, Let Go).

General LinkedIn demographics

74. There are 810 million LinkedIn members worldwide.

75. 49 million people use LinkedIn each week to search for jobs — and 6 people are hired each minute.

76. In the USA, 22% of LinkedIn members visit the site daily.

77. 57 million companies worldwide have a business page on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn age and gender demographics

78. 43% of users are female; 57% are male.

79. 59.1% of all LinkedIn users worldwide are ages 25 to 34. The next biggest user base is the 18 to 24 age group, making up 20.4%.

80. In the USA, 40% of American Internet users ages 46-55 use Linkedin.

LinkedIn geography demographics

81. The country with the largest LinkedIn audience is the USA.

82. 30% of urban Americans use LinkedIn, but only 15% of Americans living in rural areas use the platform.

83. There are over 185 million LinkedIn members in the USA, more than 85 million members in India, more than 56 million members in China and more than 55 million members in Brazil.

84. As of January 2020, Iceland has the highest LinkedIn audience reach with a reach of 94%.

LinkedIn audience reach by country graph

Source: Statista

LinkedIn demographics by income and education

85. 50% of U.S. adults who earn over $75,000 dollars a year use LinkedIn.

86. 89% of U.S. adults who have a college degree use LinkedIn.

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Pinterest demographics

Aspiration and inspiration are fed on Pinterest. This “visual discovery engine” is the 14th most popular platform in the world, and experienced huge growth during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic (they had an unprecedented 37% increase in users from the previous year). Pinterest first launched in 2010, the same year the last Hunger Games book came out.

General Pinterest demographics

87. Pinterest has 431 million monthly active users.

88. 85% of Pinners use the social media platform to start a new project.

89. 26% of American Pinners use the site daily.

daily weekly and monthly share of respondents

Source: Statista

Pinterest age and gender demographics

90. 76.7% of Pinterest’s global audience are women.

91. The percentage of male Pinners is increasing 40% year-over-year.

92. 53% of female Internet users in the USA access Pinterest. And 18% of male Internet users in the States access Pinterest.

93. Pinterest claims 8 out of 10 moms in the USA use the platform.

94. The largest demographic of Pinners in the USA are ages 50 to 64 — this age group makes up 38% of American Pinners. But Gen Z Pinners are up 40% year-over-year.

Pinterest share of respondents by age group

Source: Statista

Pinterest geography demographics

95. The USA has the most Pinterest users by far: It has 86.35 million users.

96. Pinterest’s user base outside of the USA is growing faster than the USA user base. As of Q4 2021, the USA has 86 million monthly active users. There are 346 million monthly active users outside the USA.

Pinterest demographics by income and education

97. 40% of Americans who make over $75,000 a year use Pinterest.

98. 37% of Americans who have a college degree use Pinterest.

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TikTok demographics

Last, but most certainly not least, there’s TikTok. Tiktok is the 7th most-used social networking platform around the world. The short video sharing app was first released in 2016, the same year Beyonce dropped Lemonade. TikTok has become a social sensation, with many (mostly younger) folks building entire careers off the content they create.

General TikTok demographics

99. In one online minute, 167 million TikToks are watched globally.

100. TikTok’s global audience is close to 885 million.

TikTok advertising audience overview

101. TikTok has approximately 29.7 million daily active users and approximately 120.5 million monthly active users.

102. The average TikTok user is on the app for roughly 19.6 hours per month.

103. TikTok is the 6th most searched term on Youtube.

TikTok age and gender demographics

104. 57% of all TikTok users globally identify as female, and 43% identify as male.

105. In the USA, 25% of TikTok users are ages 10 to 19. And 22% are ages 20 to 29. Of Americans 65 years old or more, 4% use the platform.

106. 70% of American teens use TikTok at least once a month.

7 in 10 American teens use TikTok

Source: Statista

TikTok geography stats

107. Tiktok is the most-downloaded app in over 40 countries worldwide.

108. It’s available in over 150 different markets and in 35 languages.

109. TikTok’s leading market in the world, based on iOS revenue, is the USA.

110. Peru has the fast-growing iOS TikTok market.

111. Ireland has the fastest-growing TikTok audience based on Google Play downloads.

112. In the U.S.,TikTok users between the ages of 15 and 25 grew 180% during the COVID-19 pandemic.

TikTok demographics by income and education

113. 29% of Americans who make $30,000 to $49,999 a year use TikTok.

114. 19% of college graduates use TikTok (and 21% of those who have completed high school or less use the app).

Whew, we did it! Hopefully that’s enough statistics (and orienting pop culture moments) to get you started. Remember: knowing social media demographics for each platform is just one part of designing an effective social marketing strategy.

Creating an effective strategy can be done in just nine easy steps. And, of course, knowing social media demographics is one of them!

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