Facebook Hashtags: Free Hashtag Tool + 70 Ideas

Facebook Hashtags: Free Hashtag Tool + 70 Ideas

If you’re struggling to get eyes on your Facebook content, your posts might be missing a key element: Facebook hashtags.

Hashtags are a powerful tool for discovery on many social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok, but users often overlook the power of Facebook hashtags. No problem – it can be our little secret!

If you want to build a strong audience on this platform, you’re going to need a Facebook hashtag strategy. We’ll teach you how to get started.

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Do Facebook hashtags matter?

Facebook introduced hashtags in 2013, but since then, they’ve been pretty quiet about how to use them. You’d be totally forgiven for wondering if they even matter.

Here’s the short answer: Yes!

Like other social platforms, Facebook uses hashtags to categorize content. That means hashtags make it easier for Facebook’s algorithms (and your audience) to find your posts.

Every time you include a hashtag, your post is added to that hashtag page (for example, #dogs or #icecream).

facebook groups posts tagged with the same hashtag

This means that your content can be discovered by a wider audience that reaches far beyond your existing followers. In our opinion, anything that allows you to reach a new audience is worth trying.

But it’s not just about expanding your own reach. You can also use Facebook hashtags as a social listening tool.

Hashtags can help you monitor Facebook conversations, track brand mentions and learn more about how customers feel about your products or services.

You can also use hashtags to track competing brands and identify trending content that’s relevant to your brand.

Facebook hashtag generator: free tool

Hashtags are like turbochargers for your social media posts, but who has time to build them from scratch?

Our free hashtag generator creates hashtag suggestions in 5 languages. When you’re ready to create hashtags for your next Facebook post, give it a try!

Please note: This tool may display inaccurate or offensive material that doesn’t represent Hootsuite’s views. You’re solely responsible for use of any content generated using this tool, including its compliance with applicable laws and third party rights.

70 hashtags for Facebook

Need some inspiration? We’ve got a Facebook hashtag for every occasion.

Note: Each industry will have its own relevant and trending hashtags. For tips on how to identify relevant hashtags for your content, keep reading.

Popular B2B hashtags for Facebook

  1. #BusinessTips (3.2M)
  2. #DigitalMarketing (27M)
  3. #Entrepreneur (29M)
  4. #Innovators (169K)
  5. #Leadership (14M)
  6. #SmallBusiness (55M)
  7. #SocialMedia (30M)
  8. #Startup (14M)
  9. #ThoughtLeadership (172K)

Popular B2C Facebook hashtags

  1. #Artist (61M)
  2. #Beauty (156M)
  3. #Fashion (322M)
  4. #Fitness (180M)
  5. #Foodie (69M)
  6. #HealthandWellness (4.1M)
  7. #HomeDecor (69M)
  8. #Photography (195M)
  9. #ProductReview (476K)
  10. #Shopping (67M)
  11. #Travel (137M)

Days of the week hashtags

  1. #MondayMotivation (14M)
  2. #TacoTuesday (2.9M)
  3. #WednesdayWisdom (2.7M)
  4. #ThrowbackThursday (20M)
  5. #FollowFriday (806K)
  6. #FoodieFriday (315K)
  7. #TGIF (19M)
  8. #SundayScaries (69K)

Single-word Facebook hashtags

  1. #Blessed (87M)
  2. #Cat (47M)
  3. #Dance (131M)
  4. #Dog (53M)
  5. #Exploring (3.1M)
  6. #Feels (1.3M)
  7. #Flowers (44M)
  8. #Happiness (48M)
  9. #Love (643M)
  10. #Music (149M)
  11. #Nope (865K)
  12. #Nostalgia (6.3M)
  13. #OOTD (78M)
  14. #Reading (9.4M)
  15. #Summer (105M)
  16. #Sunset (48M)
  17. #Throwback (43M)
  18. #Unplugged (746K)
  19. #Vibes (13M)

Short and sweet hashtags for Facebook

  1. #AdoptDontShop (10M)
  2. #BestFriend (15M)
  3. #ButFirstCoffee (571K)
  4. #CoreMemory (41K)
  5. #CoupleGoals (12M)
  6. #DanceBreak (59K)
  7. #Engaged (5M)
  8. #GoodVibes (47M)
  9. #HappyPlace (2.9M)
  10. #LoveYou (25M)
  11. #SeizeTheDay (402K)
  12. #ShakeItOff (329K)
  13. #Soulmates (1.3M)
  14. #VacationMode (3.3M)

Seasonal Facebook hashtags

  1. #BeachLife (12M)
  2. #Fall (15M)
  3. #Snow (18M)
  4. #PumpkinSpice (1M)
  5. #SpookySzn (202K)
  6. #Spring (26M)
  7. #SpringForward (275K)
  8. #Summer (105M)
  9. #Winter (32M)

How to use hashtags on Facebook

Now that you have a few hashtag ideas for your next Facebook post, here’s how to use them to your full advantage:

Get the formatting right

Don’t forget to start your hashtags with the # symbol. And remember, no spaces — each hashtag must be written as a single word.

If you want to use a multi-word hashtag, use Pascal Case. This means capitalizing the first letter of each word (#JustLikeThis), which makes it easier for everyone, especially people using screen readers, to read your hashtag.

And while you can include numbers in a hashtag, you can’t use punctuation or special characters (like $ and %).

Avoid niche hashtags

It might be tempting to use a very specific or complicated hashtag in order to stand out, but going too narrow buries your post.

#HavingAGreatTimeAtTheCottageWithGrandma (no results) might accurately describe your content, but your post won’t appear on the more popular hashtag pages. Try #Grandma (2.8M posts) or #Cottage (1.2M posts) to stay relevant.

And if you’re having a hard time coming up with your own hashtags, Hootsuite has your back.

Select the hashtag option when composing a post in Hootsuite to create AI generated hashtags based on your post's text and image

When you create a post in Hootsuite, select AI hashtag suggestions to generate AI-powered hashtags based on your post’s content.

Select your favorite hashtags from Hootsuite's AI hashtag generator and add them to your post

Just click the boxes next to the hashtags you want to use and select Add hashtags to add them to your caption.

Try Hootsuite for free. You can cancel anytime.

You can also try out our free AI hashtag generator, which creates hashtag suggestions in 5 languages.

Use the right number of hashtags

When it comes to using hashtags in 2023, less is more! For best results, we recommend using 2-3 hashtags per Facebook post. This will allow you to connect with your desired audience without making your post look spammy.

Use hashtags to keep groups organized

If you manage a Facebook group or brand page, you’ll know that the feed can quickly get out of control. Facebook hashtags can help you categorize your page’s content and make it searchable for users.

When you add a hashtag as a comment on a post created by another user, it will also show up in the group’s search results.

Search a facebook page for a particular facebook hashtags

Track how your hashtags are performing

To see if your hashtags are making a difference, log in to your Meta Business Suite account and click Insights in the left-hand menu.

track your hashtag performance using Meta Business Suite's Insights tab

In this section, you can review the performance of your hashtagged posts to see if your strategy has had an impact.

Here’s what you should look for when reviewing your hashtag data:

  • Did the hashtag help increase your post’s reach? Organic reach is key for many brands, including small business owners with a small-to-nonexistent marketing budget. If the hashtag you used didn’t help your post gain traction, experiment until you find the right fit.
  • Did the hashtag boost engagement? When you use a hashtag, you’re joining a conversation. This can lead to greater social media engagement (likes, shares, comments, and new followers). If you’re not seeing a boost in engagement, try using a popular hashtag to get more eyes on your content.
  • Did the hashtag yield the right kind of engagement? Not all engagement is created equal. Comments and link clicks require more effort than likes, which can make them more valuable. Weigh these metrics accordingly when reviewing your data.
  • Did the hashtag help you meet your goal(s)? Whether you’re looking to increase your followers or drive traffic to your website, make sure that the hashtag you used is yielding the right outcome.

You can also connect an app like Mentionlytics to your Hootsuite dashboard to scan for your hashtag mentions on Facebook. From there, you can make data-based decisions to move your content forward and continue broadening your reach.

How to find the best hashtags on Facebook

Use the search function to find the best hashtags for your niche

If you need help coming up with hashtags for your post, Hootsuite’s built-in hashtag suggestion tool is a great place to start.

You can also search for a hashtag using the search bar at the top of any Facebook page. When you start typing your hashtag, Facebook will automatically suggest other popular hashtags. This is an easy way to quickly find trending hashtags for a particular topic or industry.

facebook results for the #realestate search, with suggested related hashtags listed

Consider adding multiple popular hashtags to a post to increase your reach.

Borrow top hashtags from Instagram…

Meta owns both Facebook and Instagram, and it’s very easy to cross-post from Instagram to Facebook. With this in mind, you can use your Instagram insights to find relevant hashtags for your next Facebook post.

If you’ve noticed that one of your Instagram hashtags performs particularly well on that platform, cross-reference it with the search results on Facebook to see whether you should use it there too.

For example, there are 895,000 posts associated with the Instagram search for #VintageSeller:

the hashtag #vintageseller on instagram shows 895K posts using that tag

The same hashtag search on Facebook returns 150,000 results:

the hashtag #vintageseller on facebook shows 150K posts using that tag

In this case, we’d say it’s worthwhile to use the same hashtag on both platforms. It’s descriptive enough without being too specific, and there is a large existing pool of content under that hashtag on each platform.

…but don’t use platform-specific hashtags on the wrong platform

Occasionally, platform-specific hashtags will emerge, such as #DogsofInstagram, which has 308M+ results Instagram:

the search #dogsofinstagram on instagram

The same hashtag returns 33M+ results on Facebook:

the hashtag #dogsofinstagram also shows results on facebook

This makes sense, since Meta makes it very easy to cross-post between Instagram and Facebook. Still, we don’t recommend using a platform-specific hashtag on the wrong platform.

the facebook hashtag #dogsoffacebook shows more relevant results

The hashtag #dogsoffacebook has the benefit of being platform-specific AND relatively popular, with 446K posts using that hashtag.

FAQs about Facebook hashtags

Do hashtags work on Facebook?

Yes! Hashtags make your Facebook post searchable. Every time you include a hashtag, your post is added to that hashtag page (for example, #dogs or #icecream). This means that your content can be discovered by a wider audience that reaches far beyond your existing followers.

How many hashtags should I use on Facebook?

Using too many hashtags can make your content look overly promotional. Hootsuite recommends sticking to 2-3 super-relevant hashtags per post.

What are the best Facebook hashtags?

The best Facebook hashtags for your content are tailored to your niche, so get specific! Instead of using a broad hashtag like #Foodie, try #(YourCity)Foodie or #(YourCity)(TypeofFood).

Should you use hashtags on Facebook 2023?

Yes, you should use hashtags on Facebook. Using 2-3 specific hashtags per post will help you reach your audience and build brand recognition.

How do I know what hashtags to use on Facebook?

Use the built-in AI hashtag suggestions in Hootsuite Composer to find the best hashtags for your niche. This tool automatically suggests other popular hashtags, so it’s an easy way to quickly find trending hashtags for a particular topic or industry.

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