How to Verify Your Facebook Page in 5 Steps [+ Why You Should]

How to Verify Your Facebook Page in 5 Steps [+ Why You Should]
How to Verify Your Facebook Page in 5 Steps [+ Why You Should]

How to Verify Your Facebook Page in 5 Steps [+ Why You Should]

The other day, I searched for “Taylor Swift” on Facebook.

I was shocked to find hundreds — if not thousands — of Taylor Swifts in the United States alone.

Fortunately, I was able to find the mega-pop star's page easily, with the help of a small blue badge:

taylor swift verified badge on facebook

When searching for a business (or person) on Facebook, a verified badge is often the easiest and most reliable way to ensure the page you've found is authentic.

As a business, it's critical you use a verified badge so that prospects and customers can easily find your true page and access up-to-date, accurate information about your brand. Without a verified badge, it can be difficult to trust whether the page is legitimate.

However, the process for securing a verified badge is different for a business' Page than it is a personal profile. Here, we'll explore the steps you need to take to obtain a verified badge — plus, why it's important for your brand in the first place.

How to Verify a Facebook Page

Note: The following steps outline how to verify a Facebook Business Page — if, instead, you want to verify a profile, you'll fill out the same form, but you'll need to upload a copy of your official government-issued photo identification, instead. (You only need to verify a profile if you're a public figure or celebrity.)

1. You'll need to fill out this form to request a blue verification badge from Facebook. Since this is for business purposes, you'll want to click “Page” rather than “Profile” … 

request a blue verification badge empty form on facebook

… and then click the “Select page to verify” drop-down menu to find your business page in the list. (Note: You must be an admin of the Business Manager account to submit this form.)

drop-down menu on the form to select your business page

2. Since this is a business page, you'll need to attach a copy of a phone or utility bill, certificate of formation, articles of incorporation, or tax exemption documents.

the section of the form that asks you to attach a document verifying your business

3. Fill in the box explaining why the account should receive a verified badge. You'll need to include a minimum of 10 characters.

the box on the form that asks you why your page should be verified

4. Add other social media account URLs if possible, as well as any additional comments.

the section of the form that asks you to include social media accounts or additional comments

5. When you're ready, click “Send”. You'll be re-directed to the following page, where you can watch the status of your request: 

the support inbox you'll be redirected to once you click "send" on your form

(Facebook notes: “You'll receive a notification once we review your request. Please don't submit more than one request for your account. For denied requests, you can submit a new request after 30 days.”)

Why can't I verify my Facebook Business Page?

There are a few reasons Facebook might deny your request. Let's explore two common ones, and how you can fix them.

1. Something is wrong with your submitted documents.

Facebook outlines a few primary issues you might have with the documents you submitted in the request form. If your document doesn't align with Facebook's requirements — or is low resolution or low-quality — consider re-uploading a new document that fits Facebook's standards.

For instance, your document:

  • Might not be the type of document Facebook accepts (more on that here).
  • Might be a self-filed document. Facebook needs to see a document with an accompanying official signature or seal.
  • The document is blurry, low resolution, or corrupted. Ensure you've scanned your document at a high resolution or format.
  • The document is expired.
  • The document you submitted doesn't contain your full business address.
  • The document's language is unsupported (supported languages are shown in the image, below):

the languages facebook supports for verified badges

2. Your information — including business website, business address, and your business's legal name — doesn't match up.

When it comes to requesting a verified badge, accuracy and attention to detail is key. For instance, your request might be denied if your company's name listed on your Facebook Business Settings is different from the name that appears on your submitted documents.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • The legal business name on your submitted document needs to match the name that appears in your Business Settings. (To fix this, update your business name in Business Settings or submit a new document that includes the business name that appears in your Business Settings.)
  • Your document needs to include your business's full address and business phone number. (A partial address won't be accepted.)
  • Your email domain and website address need to match, and your website should feature your company's name or logo.
  • Your business name needs to be listed on your submitted document. For instance, if a utility bill has your business' phone number but your business name isn't included, it won't be accepted. (More information on acceptable documents here.)

Why Its Important to Verify My Facebook Business Page

A verified badge tells prospects and customers that they can trust your Facebook Page as the true, authentic presence of your brand. Additionally, it's often critical for differentiating your brand from other, similar terms that might make it difficult for users to find your business on Facebook.

However, there are a few other major benefits to having a verified Facebook Business Page, aside from increased visibility.

For one, Facebook's algorithm automatically places verified badges at the top of search results when someone is looking for your business. This is especially important if your brand hosts a few groups on Facebook.

For instance, HubSpot has a few dedicated groups for various, niche purposes like HubSpot education or HubSpot marketers. It's critical Facebook users are able to find the more general, official HubSpot Page when searching “HubSpot”, which is why it's good HubSpot's Page has a verified badge, which enables it to rise to the top of search results:

search for hub

Since the verified badge will help surface your brand to the top of search results, you'll ideally increase followers and leads as a result of having a verified badge — a major benefit of the symbol.

Additionally, a verified badge earns you early access to new Facebook features that aren't yet available for all users. This can help you level-up on competitors who might not have the same access. 

And that's it! You're all set to request a verified badge for your own business' Page. Next, take a look at the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing for more tips on driving demand and growing your business on Facebook. 

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