Coming Soon to Hootsuite: Composer, Analytics, and Customer Care Updates

Coming Soon to Hootsuite: Composer, Analytics, and Customer Care Updates
Coming Soon to Hootsuite: Composer, Analytics, and Customer Care Updates

Coming Soon to Hootsuite: Composer, Analytics, and Customer Care Updates

We’ve made it through the first half of 2021 and our team’s been working around the clock* to bring you exciting new features.

(*Not actually around the clock, we value our employees’ mental health, but they have been working very hard and are pretty pumped to share the results with you.)

Read on to find out what’s coming soon to your Hootsuite experience—we hope you’ll love it! Before diving in, I wanted to begin by recapping our focus this year:

  • One Hootsuite: We’re working to provide a cohesive and streamlined user experience with the tools our customers need to be successful.
  • Personalized guidance: We’re adding more context and actionability to the platform to give customers more support using the features and functionalities available.
  • Social network depth: As the networks continue to evolve, we’re working hard to provide the most up-to-date channel capabilities.
  • Time-saving workflows: This is a longer-term priority for our product teams to help customers increase efficiency, productivity, and collaboration.
  • Extensibility: We’re deepening our focus on two-way integrations with the systems that matter most to our customers.
  • Clear ROI: We’re committed to helping all of our customers measure the success of their social media initiatives.
  • Integrated paid and organic: We continue to work towards creating a seamless experience for managing paid campaigns and organic content together in Hootsuite.

When we look ahead into the future of our solutions we focus on three different buckets in terms of our prioritization. The now, the next and the later.

Short-term, we’re focused on setting you, our customers, up for success while delivering a single, cohesive experience. We want you to feel confident using social, helping you to increase your brand awareness and customer engagement. We want to enable you to deliver the best experience to your customers and assist you in generating and nurturing leads.

Next, we’re striving to become the most helpful and most insightful platform in our space by providing context and actionability within the Hootsuite platform. Our goal is to help you increase your brand love and gain better insight into your customers and markets.

Going forward, we have our minds set on delivering that unparalleled performance. That means becoming an essential part of your marketing stack and becoming a competitive edge for you within your space, helping you to maximize your ROI and attract, retain and develop top talent.

We’re optimistic about how this journey will help us continue to uplevel ourselves to level you up as our customers.

The new features and changes are categorized into five key groups: Customer connections, digital intelligence, workforce activation, risk mitigation, and the Hootsuite experience.

Customer connections

At Hootsuite, we want to focus on helping you build meaningful connections and engage your customers and prospects through social media.

Reach your audience at the right time

No more guessing games. Soon, Hootsuite will be able to tell you when you should share your social posts. We’re adding recommended times to publish on Planner and Composer so you can confidently reach your audience at the best times to maximize engagement.

With recommendations on the optimal times to publish tailored for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin profiles, Composer will provide you three data-backed times to post on a selected day. Simply pick the one that works best for you. If you’ve selected a single social profile on Composer to post to, you’ll see a specific time slot. If you’re posting to more than one profile at once, Hootsuite will give you a time range.

recommended times to post feature in Hootsuite Composer

Recommendations will look a bit different in Hootsuite Planner. For a given week, Hootsuite Planner will also always display the three recommended times that scored highest in engagement based on your historical data. When you click into one of the recommended times within Planner, it will take you into the Composer experience (with the time you selected pre-populated) for you to complete your post.

Using advanced analysis, Hootsuite will generate the best times to publish content based on your previous engagement performance data (likes, comments, etc.) in the past 30 days.

recommended times to post feature in Hootsuite Planner

Connect with your customers more effectively within Inbox

More than 60% of organizations are planning on increasing their investment in Instagram in 2021, according to our Digital 2021 Report. Because of this, we want to make it easier for customers to engage with Instagram content right from Hootsuite Inbox.

First, we’re making Instagram direct messaging available in a phased approach throughout Q3.

We’ll also be streamlining the communication process between you and your customers by enabling engagements with public Instagram comments and replies in Hootsuite Inbox. Instagram public comments and replies will be available to all Hootsuite Pro plans (and above) Inbox users. This is not applicable to Instagram reels and IGTV comments and replies.

Instagram direct messaging in the Hootsuite dashboard

Better understand your social metrics

Ever come across a social metric that you were unsure about? Additional context in your reports via the question mark icon next to the settings icon will allow you to easily access metric details.

The additional context will explain how the metric is being calculated, or give more information about what the metric measures. This will be available within Analytics.

When clicking for more details, you’ll be able to get more context on the metric including:

  • Page vs. post measurement
  • Paid vs. organic data
  • Timezone used


additional context tips in Hootsuite Analytics

Understand how your audience consumes content

The highly anticipated full set of Twitter metrics from the Engagement API (which includes commonly used metrics like impressions, engagement, retweets, favorites, quote tweets, replies, and video views) will be added to Analytics.

This fully rounds out our Twitter reporting so that you don’t need to rely on native analytics to report on the performance of your Twitter content.

Twitter metrics in Hootsuite Analytics

Digital intelligence

We want to help you understand how your brand is perceived, adapt to changing customer behaviors, and stay ahead of industry trends.

Build strong queries to find the right data

Improvements to the New Guided Search will be based on feedback from our ongoing beta testing in July. The enhancements to the New Guided Search will allow you to edit searches in guided mode, directly auth with targeted data sources, and pre-filled query inputs.

Guided search in the Hootsuite dashboard

We’re thrilled about the new guided search as it solves one of the biggest pain points that our customers have with the boolean search.

Workforce activation

Employee advocacy and social selling have become a large focus for many organizations. We want to provide you with the tools you need to enable your workforce to reach customers and prospects, and help foster more connections.

Easily find the content relevant to your audience

Soon you’ll be able to filter Amplify content by language.

This is big news for organizations whose employee advocacy programs include content in different languages. Filter by languages will enable users to filter new or existing content by language.

filter Hootsuite Amplify content by language

The technology used for language detection will help users easily discover and share content in the language relevant to them and their audience.

The best part? This update makes Amplify easier for users to navigate without adding any additional work for admins. The system will automatically detect each post’s language using machine learning, so admins don’t have to manually tag the preferred language for every post they create in Amplify.

Risk mitigation

We’re committed to providing the tools you need to protect your customers, secure your brand assets, and stay compliant with relevant regulations.

Set permissions to manage your brand image

We’re adding a new “Responder” permission preset, available to Teams, Business, and Enterprise plans. This feature will allow you to set permissions to control who within your organization is able to comment and reply to the audience engaging with your social content, without having the ability to create net new content.

permissions in the Hootsuite dashboard responder permission option in the Hootsuite dashboard

Hootsuite experience

As a part of our commitment to providing the best experience within Hootsuite, we’re rolling out three exciting releases in Q3 2021 to help improve overall efficiencies of the platform and deliver a better user experience with pinned reports, improvements to the Composer experience, and the release of dark mode on mobile.

Pinned reports in Hootsuite Analytics

Firstly, we’ll be adding pinned reports through the navigation bar in Analytics. If you have a paid plan, you’ll be able to pin reports to your Analytics navigation to quickly access your most important and most used reports.

This feature will extend to all reports within Analytics—including team reports, Amplify, Insights, and Impact so you can customize your view.

pinned reports in Hootsuite Analytics

Unified Composer experience

Next, we’ll be unifying the Composer experience. When publishing via apps from the app directory, your content will now open in new Composer, rather than the legacy Composer.

the new Hootsuite Composer experience

the new Hootsuite Composer experience

Dark mode in Hootsuite’s mobile app

Lastly, we will be updating the Hootsuite Mobile App. We took your feedback from the version of the app that we released last July and will be providing dark mode to our users so you can easily switch between apps. You’ll be able to select your preferred interface: ‘Dark’ or ‘Light’ mode—making it easy to read at any time of day.

dark mode in Hootsuite mobile

Want to learn more about any one of these features and what you can achieve with social? Ask to see Hootsuite in action with a custom live demo.

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