Coming Soon to Hootsuite: Custom Posts Per Network, Month View, and More

Coming Soon to Hootsuite: Custom Posts Per Network, Month View, and More
Coming Soon to Hootsuite: Custom Posts Per Network, Month View, and More

Coming Soon to Hootsuite: Custom Posts Per Network, Month View, and More

Coming Soon to Hootsuite: Custom Posts Per Network, Month View, and More

It’s almost the end of the year and we’re thrilled to share the exciting new features we’ll be rolling out this quarter and into the new year. As we look ahead to 2022, here is a recap of the key roadmap themes and the strategic initiatives we’re focused on to help you be successful on social:

  • One Hootsuite: We’re working to provide a cohesive and streamlined user experience with the tools our customers need to be successful.
  • Personalized Guidance: We aim to personalize your Hootsuite experience by including additional context on how to best use the platform’s functions.
  • Social Network Depth: As the networks continue to evolve, we’re working hard to provide the most up-to-date channel capabilities.
  • Time-Saving Workflows: This is a longer-term priority for our product teams to help customers increase efficiency, productivity, and collaboration.
  • Extensibility: We’re deepening our focus on two-way integrations with the systems that matter most to you.
  • Clear ROI: We’re committed to helping you measure the success of your social media initiatives.
  • Integrated Paid and Organic: We continue to work towards creating a seamless experience for managing paid campaigns and organic content together in Hootsuite.

In the short-term, we’re concentrating on setting our customers up for success and creating a frictionless experience. Next, we aim to increase brand love and provide additional context to our users on how to best utilize our platform’s features. In the future, we strive to drive unparalleled performance to maximize return on investment (ROI) and attract, retain, and develop top talent.

As you level up your social strategy, we want to provide solutions for every team that uses social media—from social marketing to social selling and customer care. These new features are categorized into four key groups: Customer connections, digital intelligence, workforce activation, and risk mitigation.

Customer connections

We’re committed to helping you build meaningful connections and engage with
your customers and prospects through social media marketing, social selling, and social customer care. These upcoming product updates are all designed to make your efforts easier, faster, and more effective.

Boost efficiency through custom posts per network

Schedule amazing content, faster. Now, Hootsuite’s Dashboard enables you to customize text, mentions, emojis, and switch up the hashtags for each social network—without having to schedule each one as a separate post. Plus, you can preview the differences in Composer before you publish or schedule your posts.

The update improves efficiency for users who want to post similar content on different networks. Gone are the days of clicking into drafts to adjust hashtags/links/mentions for each network one by one. You can also get a preview of how posts will look on each social network before publishing, remove potential errors, and, ultimately, take full control of your social presence.

Hootsuite screenshot showing custom posts per network


Get a holistic overview of your content

You asked, and we listened. Planner will soon include a monthly view option! You’ll be able to enable a monthly view that summarizes the status of your posts for easier review and post cadence optimization within Planner.

Hootsuite screenshot showing month view


Make direct edits through Streams view

We know that social media content is always changing. So, we wanted to make it easier to take action when you need to. You’ll be able to change and edit posts by adding a direct link to the planner for those moments when you find something you want to improve. Quickly edit, refine, and review posts you’ve scheduled on the fly by accessing the planner view for any post through streams view.

Hootsuite screenshot of Streams view


Stay updated through push notifications on Hootsuite Mobile

Never worry about missing an unread notification again. We’ve added indicators on the app icon and on the bell icon in Streams to remind you about unread notifications.

You can now visualize unread notifications and see what’s been opened and what requires action.

Hootsuite screenshot of push notifications on Hootsuite Mobile

Better understand the impact of your LinkedIn campaigns

As part of Hootsuite Impact’s migration, we’ve moved Linkedin Advertising into the main Hootsuite Dashboard along with the previously released Facebook and Instagram ads. You’ll be able to track performance of LinkedIn ads at an individual ad level, ad-group level, and campaign level within Hootsuite Analytics’ Advertising Performance Module and Reports.

By getting a detailed analysis of your campaigns and ad metrics, you can easily benchmark changes over time and share these reports with your stakeholders.

Hootsuite screenshot showing LinkedIn Advertising analytics in the Hootsuite dashboard

Dive deeper into your post analytics

Highly anticipated detailed reporting and post-level metrics features will be available within Hootsuite Analytics for our Impact customers.

You’ll be able to add organic content tiles to Hootsuite Analytics reports with the ability to filter by tag across organic platforms for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. This will match ad capabilities for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Hootsuite screenshot showing content tiles in Hootsuite Analytics

Get insights about your 2021 content performance

In need of soundbites for your year-end presentation to the higher-ups? Need to analyze how things went to develop a sound 2022 strategy?

See how your social performance has changed in the past year with our Year in Review report sent to all our paying customers. You’ll receive an email in January letting you know it’s available in your Analytics for a quick recap of how your social accounts performed in 2021.

Hootsuite screenshot showing Year in Review

Digital intelligence

We want to help you understand how your brand is perceived, adapt to changing customer behaviors, and stay ahead of industry trends. These upcoming product changes will help.

Find the info that’s most relevant to you

Ever wonder which hashtags you should be using? Soon, you’ll be able to increase visibility and impact of your posts by surfacing the top-performing posts using your favorite hashtags.

You’ll be able to find most popular content by hashtag in Streams—learn from the best, understand what hashtags followers respond to, and incorporate their style and success into your own posts.

Hootsuite screenshot showing popular hashtags

Add context to your reports and PDFs in Insights powered by Brandwatch

Reports can be complex—having personalized notes and context can make all the difference in interpreting metrics. Soon, you’ll have the ability to add annotations or notes to your scheduled reports and PDFs that’ll help provide more clarity and context for your stakeholders.

This feature will be available to Business and Enterprise plans that have access to Insights powered by Brandwatch.

Hootsuite screenshot showing the ability to add annotations or notes to scheduled reports and PDFs

Keep track of the conversations that matter most

You’ll be able to customize and personalize your email alerts directly from the pop-up to best fit your needs with the added capability to:

  • Specify alert time and frequency
  • Customize the number of ‘Mentions’ per email
  • Edit filtering settings directly from the pop-up

This feature will be available to our Business and Enterprise users that have access to Insights powered by Brandwatch.

Hootsuite screenshot showing custom email alerts

Workforce activation

Employee advocacy and social selling have become a large focus for many organizations. We want to provide you with the tools you need to enable your workforce to reach customers and prospects, and help foster more connections.

Edit and manage your content live—within Amplify

Amplify admins will soon be able to edit, delete, and send content back to drafts directly from the ‘All Content’ feed in Amplify. There will be no need to edit content from the Streams view—you can do it all in one place.

This feature will be available to our Commercial and Enterprise ‘Admins’ and can be accessed through the Amplify Desktop view.

The best part? This update will make Amplify easier for admins to navigate edits and manage posts without adding any additional work.

Hootsuite screenshot showing Amplify

Incentivize your employees to leverage social selling

Who’s up for a little friendly competition?

Within Amplify, Weekly Goals in the ‘Desktop View’ will allow admins to engage and incentivize their social sellers to share more on a weekly basis based on key goals. Having goals will motivate your advocates to stay on top of sharing content that presents them as thought leaders on their social channels.

The element of gamification allows program administrators to keep their advocates and social sellers engaged with higher participation on a weekly basis.

Hootsuite screenshot showing ability to incentivize social sellers in Amplify

Risk mitigation

We’re committed to providing the tools you need to protect your customers, secure your brand assets, and stay compliant with relevant regulations.

Investing in a modernized security-hardened infrastructure

Lastly, we’re committed to taking a uniform risk-based approach to security and compliance practices to meet the requirements for globally recognized security designations and audits, such as FedRAMP, SOC2 Type II, and U.K. Cyber Essentials Program.

Along with our compliance partners ZeroFox and Proofpoint integrations, it’s faster, easier, and safer to integrate social media across your organization.

Interested in learning more about any one of these features and what you can achieve with social? Ask to see Hootsuite in action with a custom live demo.

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