Coming Soon to Hootsuite: Advertising, Amplify, Impact Updates, and More

Coming Soon to Hootsuite: Advertising, Amplify, Impact Updates, and More
Coming Soon to Hootsuite: Advertising, Amplify, Impact Updates, and More

Coming Soon to Hootsuite: Advertising, Amplify, Impact Updates, and More

We’re excited to bring you new exciting features in the first quarter of 2022. As the unofficial member of your social team, Hootsuite’s promise is to empower all organizations—large and small—to strategically grow your brand, business, and customer relationships with social media.

Read on to find out what’s coming soon to your Hootsuite experience—we hope you’re as excited as we are! Before we get into it, here’s a quick recap our strategic focus for 2022:

  • One Hootsuite: We’re working to provide a cohesive and streamlined user experience with the tools you need to be successful.
  • Personalized guidance: We’re aiming to personalize your Hootsuite experience by including additional context on how to best use the platform’s functions.
  • Social network depth: We’re working hard to provide the most up-to-date channel capabilities as social platforms continue to evolve.
  • Time-saving workflows: We’re helping you increase efficiency, productivity, and collaboration. This is a longer term priority for our product teams.
  • Extensibility: We’re deepening our focus on two-way integrations with the systems that matter most to you.
  • Clear ROI: We’re committed to helping you measure the success of your social media initiatives and show the value of your social efforts.

Looking ahead into the future of our solutions, we’re focused on three different buckets in terms of our prioritization. The now, the next and the later.

Now (and In the short-term), we’re focused on setting you, our customers, up for success while delivering a single, cohesive experience. We want you to feel confident using social media to increase your brand awareness and customer engagement.

Next, we’re striving to become the most helpful and most insightful platform in our space by providing context within the Hootsuite platform that makes it easy for you to take action on insights and recommendations. Our goal is to help you gain better insight into your customers and markets so you can use those to forge better connections with your audience.

Later (and looking ahead), we’re set on delivering unparalleled performance. We’re committed to becoming an essential part of your marketing stack and becoming a competitive edge for you within your space, helping you to maximize your return on investment (ROI) and attract, retain, and develop top talent.

The new features and changes are categorized into three key groups: customer connections, digital intelligence, and workforce activation.

Customer connections

We’re committed to helping you build meaningful connections and engaging your customers and prospects through social media. These product updates will help.

Get a holistic view of your social calendar

In Q1, we’ll continue to improve your planning and publishing efficiency with Hootsuite. Now, you are able to view live posts sent live directly from Hootsuite alongside all scheduled posts in one combined Planner view.

This release helps you get a holistic view of your social calendar and will be available to all plans. Find this update in Hootsuite’s desktop version and mobile app.

Easily find relevant Tweets with the Advanced Twitter Search in Streams

Find relevant Tweets and stay ahead of conversations with Twitter Advanced Search. You’ll now be able to set up search queries using the advanced search options to narrow your results to specific words, people, locations with Twitter Search Streams.

The new Advanced Twitter Search in Streams makes it easy to set up search queries and narrow your results using keywords or phrases—whether you want to search for an exact phrase, keywords listed, or even exclude certain words from your searches.

Track the success of your posts with upgraded link settings on mobile

Are your links taking up too much space in your caption? You’ll be able to apply link settings when composing on the go from Hootsuite’s mobile app, so you can track the success of posts using link shorteners and tracking parameters.

Select where your ads are seen

Nearly one-third (33.1%) of the total global digital ad spend came from social media, according to our Digital 2022 Report.

Paid social is booming, so it’s important to make sure yours is working for you. A big part of that is choosing where your ads show up. That’s why we’re making it easier for you to select/deselect which Facebook and Instagram placements you want to include in your ad campaigns within Hootsuite Ads.

Get insights about why an error has occurred

Sometimes network restrictions mean that an ad campaign fails to publish. With any failed ad campaigns that haven’t been published successfully, you get a notification informing you that an error has occurred with your ad campaign.

Moving forward, this notification will also indicate what the problem was that caused the ad to fail AND suggest improvement ideas. That means you’ll have the information you need to fix the issue and publish your ad campaign correctly.

Leverage behavior and demographic targeting

Ensuring the right people see your social ads is key to their success.

Coming soon, you’ll be able to tailor your ad campaigns to a more specific audience based on their behavior and demographic criteria. We’re adding two more detailed targeting options which will allow you to better understand and reach your target audience on Facebook and Instagram within Hootsuite Social Advertising.

Create LinkedIn lead generation campaigns

You asked, we listened! LinkedIn lead generation campaigns are one of the most commonly used objectives for LinkedIn ads. Soon you’ll be able to select this objective through the Hootsuite dashboard directly without switching to the native ad manager.

Get a snapshot of your social media performance

Curious to see how you compare with businesses like yours? Soon, Hootsuite’s new Social Score feature on the new Homepage will give you a daily snapshot of your social media progress and performance.

Hootsuite will analyze your publishing habits and engagement rate, and compare these metrics with businesses like yours. you’ll also see personalized recommendations on how to increase your Social Score to achieve your social media goals and reach the top percentile of growing businesses.

This feature will be available to our Professional users.

Get the best experience in Hootsuite Advertising

As a part of our commitment to providing the best experience, we’re rolling out three exciting releases in Q1 2022 to improve overall efficiencies of Hootsuite Social Advertising and deliver a better user experience.

First, we’ve introduced a product messaging pop-up if you have an Ad Blocker enabled. The pop-up will inform you if your Ad Blocker is preventing Hootsuite functionality from operating properly.

Next, get a holistic view of all your ad campaigns in one place—including status, budget information, and main metadata. Within our Ad Campaigns page, you’ll be able to find an overview of all campaigns within your Ad Account.

Digital intelligence

We want to help you understand how your brand is perceived, adapt to changing customer behaviors, and stay ahead of industry trends. These product updates will help.

Compare results for saved searches

We understand that performance comparison is a key component in campaign and brand management, so we’re adding a highly anticipated feature in Insights powered by Brandwatch.

Soon, you’ll be able to easily compare the results of up to five saved searches. This new feature will make it easier to compare your performance metrics without having to dig and compile this info on your own. This feature will be available to Business and Enterprise plans that have access to Insights powered by Brandwatch.

Provide context to your reports

We’re adding the ability to add notes to your manually created reports to provide additional context about the insights that matter most and help your team understand what they’re looking at.

You’ll also be able to easily share reports with diagrams to add an extra layer of context for your stakeholders. This feature will be available to Business and Enterprise plans that have access to Insights powered by Brandwatch.

Use improved sentiment accuracy in your decision making

Get the insights you need to inform your decision making. We’ve made improvements to sentiment accuracy in Brandwatch. The update supports 16 new languages. This feature will be available to Business and Enterprise plans that have access to Insights powered by Brandwatch.

Export list tiles in CSV/XLSX

We’re excited to improve our export functionality within Hootsuite Analytics. You’ll be able to export your lists from Hootsuite Analytics into clean CSV or Excel files. This includes displaying the information in rows instead of columns and an increased result limit of 30,000 rows.

Organize your ads with updated layout and filtering options

Looking for easier segmentation of all your campaigns, ad sets, and ads? We’ve got you covered.

We’ll be improving the layout and filtering capability in Hootsuite Impact’s Advertising Performance function to make it easier and quicker to find and dig deeper into relevant ad data. This upgrade includes updating the filtering options to be a global sidebar, making it quicker and easier to segment your ads data for analysis.

Dive deeper into your metrics

We’ve made another improvement to Hootsuite Impact’s Advertising Performance that will provide an updated view on breakdown data for a more focused look at your ads data breakdown. Our new tooltips function will also help you better understand your metrics.

Improve your analytics and reporting with target page filters

We’ll be adding a target page filter to significantly improve your ad analysis and reporting functionality when you have multiple target pages under a singular ad account. This feature is available within Impact for our Enterprise customers.

Bolster your ads analysis with Twitter Ads reporting

Drumroll please… we will be including a highly anticipated feature this quarter: Twitter Ads analysis! Impact will soon include new Twitter Ads reporting data that will be added to Advertising Performance and reports.

Workforce activation

Employee advocacy and social selling have become a large focus for many organizations. We want to provide you with the tools you need to enable your workforce so they can reach customers and prospects alike, and help foster better connections. These product updates will help.

Experience Amplify within the Hootsuite mobile app

We wanted to build a unified experience for our users, so we’re thrilled to share that Amplify will now be part of the Hootsuite mobile app. You won’t need to download two separate apps anymore. This update will make the sharing experience simpler, seamless, and more efficient for all your employees.

Our app will dynamically identify users’ permission, enabling advocates and social sellers to have a customized experience. This feature will be available to Commercial and Enterprise ‘Admins’. Social sellers and advocates will be redirected to the Hootsuite app starting in February 2022.

Enable your advocates to share Amplify content from the tools they already use

Soon, Amplify for Slack will allow you to share your organization’s content, stay connected, and increase your brand’s reach—all within Slack. They’ll have access to all of the content they would in Amplify natively.

This feature will be available to all Commercial and Enterprise Amplify users on desktop.

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