Dustin and the Leadkea team

Dustin and the Leadkea team
Dustin and the Leadkea team

Dustin and the Leadkea team

Dustin and the Leadkea team

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Dustin and the Leadkea team

The Leadkea agency, led by Dustin Minch along with Domenic and Mike D. They simply love SEO and doing the work to see their clients grow. They pride themselves on continually learning and adapting while focusing on best-in-class communication with clients. One way they do this is by keeping things simple – creating a group text. This offers an at-your-fingertips experience that sets their agency apart.

Dustin’s agency was born nearly 2 years ago when his focus shifted from growing highly-profitable websites and blogs to local SEO. The team’s strategies had grown cryptominertips.com to 100k page views a month and increased the traffic of rx-safety.com by 10k+ visitors a month while increasing the rankings of 20k keywords. But growing small businesses with local SEO was their true passion.

Leadkea has taken multiple local businesses from nothing to steady clients on a weekly basis with SEO and paid advertising. Domenic grew one of the largest wedding invitation companies in New Jersey by focusing on GMB SEO, and Mike has grown a brand new mold inspection company from $0 to six figures with just Google ads in a year.

Leadkea grows local businesses through Google Maps SEO, local search strategies, link building, and content paid search advertising, custom website design, and custom email design. Now, they’re working to niche down Leadkea, but still evaluating their best opportunities. Currently, their niches include CBD, solar power, and the home inspection industry just to name a few.

If you’re just starting your agency, Dustin recommends focusing on building a network or teaming up with a person who already has a network your agency can leverage. This will open up countless opportunities for your growing agency.


Dustin and the Leadkea team

What is your SEO background:

Been doing SEO for the last 4 years. Started out doing blog affiliate SEO and helping small businesses here and there, then worked my way into growing a small agency doing local SEO.

How long have you owned your agency:

1 ½ Years

Do you specialize in a certain niche:

We’re looking into a few niches but we haven’t settled on one. As of now we have SEO clients in the home inspection industry, solar industry, CBD, and a few others.

Any Accomplishments or success stories:

Grew cryptominertips.com to 100k pageviews a month.
Taken multiple businesses from nothing to getting clients on a weekly basis with SEO and paid advertising.
Increased the traffic of rx-safety.com by 10k visitors a month and Increased the rankings of 20k keywords.
Grew one of the largest wedding invitation companies in NJ by focusing on GMB SEO.

Do you have any advice for someone just starting an agency?:

Build a network or team up with someone who has a network.

Agency Name & please drop a URL:

Leadkea https://leadkea.com

How did you get into SEO:

I’ve always had a strong desire to learn SEO and started out by joining an online community called income school. Once I learned how to build blogs I began researching local SEO and decided to start taking clients as an agency.

What sets you apart from other agencies:

Our communication with our clients is the best, we keep things simple by creating a group text. Other than that we simply love doing the work and to see our clients grow.

What services does your agency offer:

Website SEO, GMB SEO, web design, Facebook ads, Google ads

What’s one thing – either industry-related or not – you learned in the last month?:

You can make money in just about any niche when it comes to blogging. We have been obsessively looking into this.

Anything else we should know/you would like to add?

I love to learn about SEO and I’m some somewhat of a crypto mining nerd.

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