23 Blog Post Ideas Window & Door Companies Should Include in Their Marketing Plans

<div>23 Blog Post Ideas Window & Door Companies Should Include in Their Marketing Plans</div>
<div>23 Blog Post Ideas Window & Door Companies Should Include in Their Marketing Plans</div>

23 Blog Post Ideas Window & Door Companies Should Include in Their Marketing Plans

Blogging regularly can be an effective SEO strategy for small businesses, including those in the window and door industry. Writing industry-relevant blog posts that target your customers’ frequently asked questions can increase organic traffic to your site, increase leads, and showcase your industry expertise online.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled five blog posting topics that all window and door companies should include in their digital marketing plans.

Topic #1: Window & Door Buying Guides

Buying guides are a great way to fully showcase a window company’s products. Consumers have many options when it comes to replacing their home’s windows — from big-box department stores to national window company franchises and local mom-and-pop window replacement companies. Having buying guides on a website can help a window and door company stand out from the competition.

What Should You Include in a Window & Door Buying Guide Blog Post?

Window or door product guides can be an effective way to target a wide variety of long-tail keywords. These posts can vary in length but should be long enough to target all FAQs for a particular window or door style.

To get started, a simple manual search on Google can help generate ideas. Google’s “People Also Ask” feature is a great way to target what searchers look for most often regarding a window style:

People also ask results on Google for window blogs

Clicking through the results in each dropdown will give you a sense of what content Google thinks best answers a given question. Writing answers to each of these questions will help you create a robust product guide that acts as a one-stop shop for searchers looking to learn more about the types of replacement windows or doors.

Try including these topics for your first product guides:

1.) Complete Guide to Double-Hung Windows

2.) All You Need to Know About Vinyl Replacement Windows

3.) Patio Door Style Guide – Which Works Best for Your Home?

4.) Replacement Window Energy-Efficiency Guide

Topic #2: Top Window & Door Design Trends

Like many home remodeling projects, replacing your windows and doors can help improve home resale value and curb appeal. Homeowners looking to improve their home’s curb appeal will likely be particular about the style of their home’s windows and exterior doors.

To target searchers looking to boost their home’s value and aesthetic, consider writing blogs like:

5.) Window Design Trends of _____

6.) Most Popular Replacement Window Styles

7.) Front Door Style Trends

8.) Best Windows for Increasing Natural Light

9.) Best Window Frame Colors for Your Home

These posts can position you as an expert in not only window and door replacement but also interior and exterior home design. These topics are also great at earning links to your site, which can help boost your website’s authority and rankings.

Blog Post Idea: “Best Windows for a Sunroom”

Window & door website traffic from sunroom blog

Tip: Blogging isn’t a “set-it-and-forget-it” SEO strategy. It can take time and multiple optimizations to achieve consistent traffic. This post was written in October 2021 when search demand was low, but we made optimizations aimed at boosting rankings. When demand picked back up (around March 2022), we started to see improved results!

Topic #3: Compare Different Products & Materials

Like product guides, comparing two different products can target informed searchers looking to decide between different styles or materials. Some examples include:

10.) Double-Hung vs. Casement Windows

11.) Bay Windows vs. Bow Windows

12.) Double-Pane vs. Triple-Pane Windows

13.) Vinyl vs. Fiberglass Windows

14.) Fiberglass vs. Steel Doors

15.) French vs. Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Each of these posts can highlight pros and cons of each style, where each replacement window works best in the home, and provide expert advice or tips for exterior home design.

Topic #4: Highlight Recent Installation Projects

Did you recently complete a huge window replacement project for a customer? Consider writing a blog post that highlights that project specifically.

This type of blog post can do several beneficial things for your website, including:

  • Increase the number of images on your website. Images can highlight your best work and products. Including images can also help increase user engagement on your website. More engagement can improve bounce rate, which is the percentage of users that exit a page without an action.
  • Show off your products. The window and door industry is inherently visual; potential customers want to see your products so they can imagine how it might look in their own home. Be sure to include images of unique window shapes, colors, and styles that you offer.
  • Highlight your window installation process. A blog post that shows off a recent window replacement project is a great opportunity to highlight your company’s process and what makes you different than the competition. This post can take the reader through a journey of what it is like to work with your company from start to finish and reinforce your company’s differentiators.
  • Generate more unique local content. It’s been shown that Google and other search engines prefer to index pages that contain unique content, and what could be more unique than showcasing a project that your company completed? This post will also include content that is unique to your service area, making it hyper-relevant to your target audience.

Looking for more ways to boost your local SEO footprint? Consider highlighting the project on your Google Business Profile with a Google Post.

Topic #5: Window & Door Educational Guides

Educational content and guides are a great way to target frequently asked questions in the window and door industry. These blog posts are aimed at informing readers who may be interested in replacing their windows and doors soon but are still gathering more information before they buy.

A good strategy for creating educational guides is thinking about questions that begin with “what,” “where,” “when,” “why,” and “how.” Consider posts like:

16.) What windows are best for your basement?

17.) Where should you put bay windows in your home?

18.) When you should consider replacing your home’s windows/doors

19.) Why your windows are making condensation

20.) How to measure your windows

21.) How to know if windows need to be replaced

22.) How to know if window seal is broken

23.) How to know if window is drafty

Blog Post Idea: Write Blog Posts That Are Relevant to Your Target Audience

When brainstorming educational content, consider topics that are directly related to searchers in your service area. Think of regionally relevant content that will attract users that are most likely to fill out a contact form or pick up the phone.

For example, we had a blog post that highlighted the best windows for high altitudes for a window and door company in Colorado. In 2021, organic traffic from Colorado to this blog post was steady throughout the year:

Google analytics screenshot showing positive trend line

During this time, this post had a 9% conversion rate, including a lead for 22 windows! Regionally relevant blog posts can be a great local SEO tactic that can help drive converting traffic.

4 Tips for Writing the Best Window & Door Blogs

With these topics in mind, it’s time to start writing! To help your blog posts rank and generate traffic (and leads!), follow these blogging tips.

1.     Write, and Write Often

Regularly producing fresh content is a great way to catch Google’s attention. Consider creating a schedule to post a blog at least once or twice a month.

Doing this will send signals to search engines that show your website regularly produces content from your industry that is helpful for searchers. This is a great way to boost rankings and overall authority of your website.

2.     Use Proper Title Tags, Headers, and Meta Descriptions

These refer to HTML tags that help Google understand what your post is about. Writing compelling title tags and meta descriptions can help your post stand out on search engine results pages and boost click-through rate.

You should also structure your page with headings and subheadings that accurately describe what the post is about while also targeting your top keywords. Having multiple sections of content that are divided by headings can improve readability and give Google more context about each section of text.

3.     Add Images, Videos & Custom Graphics

Images, videos, and graphics are a great way to improve the on-page user experience. Including a variety of content makes a blog post more engaging and easier to read. Plus, a well-optimized blog post that includes a variety of visuals is more likely to stand out on search engine results pages:

Window installer blog showing pictures on Google results

1.     Include Schema Markup

Adding schema markup to your blog posts can also help your blog post stand out to searchers. BlogPosting schema will make your blog posts eligible for rich results, which are the features commonly found on search engine results page.

Some coveted rich results are featured snippets, which are usually found at the top of search results pages and often used for answering questions triggered by voice searches:

Featured snippet on Google for window installer blog

By adding HowTo schema, search engines can display your step-by-step window guides directly on results pages:

How-to schema markup for window and door company blog

These are just two types of schema markup that can help increase your blog’s search engine real estate and improve the click-through rate on your website. The combination of well-written content, visuals, and schema markup is an important part of any SEO and blogging strategy.

Why Hire Blue Corona for Window & Door SEO Services?

At Blue Corona, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality SEO services for window and door companies. Our data-driven process allows us to identify ranking opportunities and produce content that increases your website’s visibility, authority, organic traffic, and leads.

Want to learn more about how we can kick-start your window and door SEO strategy? Contact us today!

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