50 Blog Ideas for Electricians Guaranteed To Spark an Idea (and Leads!)

50 Blog Ideas for Electricians Guaranteed To Spark an Idea (and Leads!)
50 Blog Ideas for Electricians Guaranteed To Spark an Idea (and Leads!)

50 Blog Ideas for Electricians Guaranteed To Spark an Idea (and Leads!)

Do you write and regularly publish blogs for your electrical company? It’s about time to start if you haven’t already! Blogs drive local homeowners to your website, can generate leads from searchers who need service, and can help your site be seen as more trustworthy by search engines like Google. In this article, we’re looking at 50 blog ideas for electricians that homeowners are searching for today.

What Successful Blogging Can Do for an Electrician’s Business

Here are just a few of the top-performing blogs that we’ve created for electrical clients. These blogs drove a surprising number of clicks and leads over the past year.

1. Why Is My Circuit Breaker Hot?

Search demand for the electrical topic "why is my circuit breaker hot?"

TIP: Add article schema to your blogs for a chance at getting a rich result on Google’s results page. We added schema to this post in December 2021 and saw clicks and impressions take off since then!

2. Why Is My Microwave Tripping My Breaker?

Search demand for the electrical topic "why is my microwave tripping my breaker?"

TIP: Google changes its search result algorithm on a regular basis, and some algorithm updates can make your existing content lose traction. You can see how this blog lost clicks and impressions after a Google algorithm update in December 2021 but started to regain traction immediately after it was optimized in June 2022.

3. Why Are my Lights Buzzing?

For this client, 30% of organic phone call leads came from blog pages, and 65 qualified leads came from this specific blog across the span of one year. Blogs can drive more leads than you realize!

4. Why Do My Lights Turn On and Off?

For this client, 21% of organic phone call leads came from blog pages, and 111 qualified leads came from this specific blog across the span of one year.

Blog About Electrical Topics With High Search Volume & Low Competition

When finding blog topics to cover, the first thing we look for are blogs with a high amount of search demand (meaning lots of consumers already search for it) and topics that have a low keyword difficulty percentage. Keyword difficulty is measured by how many competitors have articles already published and ranking for the topic.

Look for topics with high search volume and low competition.

5. How To Wire an Outlet – 91,000 annual searches

6. How Long Does It Take/How Much Does It Cost To Charge an Electric Car? – 76,000 annual searches

7. Why Is My Electric Bill So High? – 14,000 annual searches

8. How To Put Out an Electrical Fire? – 11,000 annual searches

9. How Often Should Commercial Electrical Installations Be Tested? – 210 annual searches, only 3% keyword difficulty

10. Are GFCI Outlets Required in Older Homes? – 210 Annual Searches, only 13% keyword difficulty

Local Blogging vs. National Focus


Local topics are often less covered by other competitors, giving your company a better chance of ranking number one on Google for these searches. This creates the perfect opportunity to capture traffic and leads from your local area! Locally focused blogs are also an opportunity for local organizations to amplify the reach of your blogs and link back to your website (both are positives in Google’s eyes). Local topics can include statistics, information about permits, laws, taxes, sponsorship events your company participates in, and much more.

11. How To Become an Electrician in [city or state] – 46,000 annual searches, helpful for hiring

12. Do You Need a Permit for Electrical Work in [city or state]? – 1,600 annual searches

13. Are Generator Interlock Kits Legal in [state]? – 620 annual searches

14. Electrical Statistics in [city or state] – Annual search volume varies

15. Prepare for [state] [hurricane, flood, tornado, blizzard] season with a generator – Annual search volume varies


Nationally focused blogs take a broader approach to answering common questions. These blogs also tend to drive website traffic nationwide, meaning not every reader will live in your service area. National blogs can even surprise you in how many leads they generate.

16. How To Read an Electric Meter? – 13,000 annual searches

17. How Much Electricity Does a TV Use? – 7,300 annual searches

18. Home Automation Electric Projects – 5,000 annual searches

19. How To Turn Off Motion Sensor Lights – 1,300 annual searches

20. What Does a Blue Light on a Security Camera Mean? – 170 annual searches, only 27% keyword difficulty

Guide Blogs

Guides will capture a lot of annual search volume since these types of blogs often answer many questions within them.

21. The Guide to Smoke Detectors in Your Home (how many you need, how to change the battery, how often to replace, etc.) – 42,000 annual searches

22. What Is Solar Energy & How Does It Work? – 15,000 annual searches

23. Generator Buying Guide (type, fuel source, size, etc.) – 15,000 annual searches

24. What Is Static Electricity & How To Get Rid of It – 7,800 annual searches

25. Electrical Safety Tips – 3,200 annual searches

26. LED vs. CFL Lighting Guide – 1,900 annual searches

27. X Main Types of Electrical Panels – 170 annual searches, very low keyword difficulty

28. Basics of Electricity (how does it work, how is it generated, etc.) – Annual search volume varies based on which questions you answer

29. Ultimate Guide to Your Fuse box (answer commonly asked fuse box questions) – Annual search varies based on which questions you answer

30. Electrical Code Requirements – Annual search volume varies, opportunity for local-based guide

How-To and Troubleshooting Blogs

Blogs on DIY projects and electrical troubleshooting are popular and worthwhile to write. These blogs typically drive a lot of website traffic. Users who visit the blog and find out that the project or troubleshooting is beyond their skill level will often call an experienced electrician for service.

31. Why Is My Light Flickering & How To Stop It? – 20,000 annual searches

32. Why Does My Breaker Keep Tripping? – 16,000 annual searches

33. How To Install a Home Security Camera – 11,600 annual searches

34. Why Is My Smoke Detector Chirping? – 10,900 annual searches

35. DIY Lighting Projects for Your Backyard – 6,000 annual searches

36. How To Reset a Circuit Breaker? – 5,200 annual searches

37. How To Remove Recessed Lighting? – 5,000 annual searches

38. How To Install a Dimmer Switch – 2,400 annual searches

39. How To Lower Electric Bill/Be More Energy-Efficient? – 1,600 annual searches

40. How To Install a Ceiling Fan (With and Without Existing Wiring) – 880 annual searches

Service-Selling Blogs

Blogs that focus on the services you offer (like “signs you need a new electrical panel” or “benefits of hiring a licensed electrician”) don’t have a huge amount of annual search demand, but the users who are searching these questions are more likely to be looking for service and are more likely to create a lead for you.

41. Why You Should Switch to Copper Wiring – 1,600 annual searches

42. X Reasons You Need an Electrician To Maintain Your Solar Panels – 480 annual searches

43. Recessed Lighting Design for Your Home – 170 annual searches

44. How Often Do I Need an Electrical Inspection? – 170 annual searches

45. How To Save Money With a Ceiling Fan – 140 annual searches

46. Top Benefits of LED Lighting – 110 annual searches

47. Benefits of Whole-Home Generators – Annual search volume varies

48. Signs Your Electrical Panel Is Overloaded – Annual search volume varies

49. Common Issues for Electrical Panels – Annual search volume varies

50. How Long Does Home Wiring Last? – Annual search volume varies

Go Forth and Write: 5 Tips To Write Better Electrical Blogs

Now that you have the topics at hand, here are some blog writing tips to make sure your blogs rank in the top spot and create leads!

Blog Title, Headers, and Metadata

Make sure the title of your blog matches what the user is searching. For example, if you’re writing a blog on the benefits of having a generator, consider titling the blog “Why Do I Need a Generator for My Home.” Make sure the title, headers, and metadata of your post are optimized for the best success.

Evergreen Content

When you’re writing blogs, make sure not to put too many holiday or seasonal spins on the topic. By creating content that doesn’t mention seasons, your blog will be relevant and rank year-round. Seasonal content can be beneficial here and there, but evergreen content should be your bread and butter.


As mentioned before, make sure you’re adding schema to all of your blogs to increase your chances of getting a rich result in Google’s results page. Rich results are the bigger sections on Google’s results page. This is what rich results look like for blogs:

Electrician's blog featuring a rich snippet on Google

Add Images

Make sure to include images in your blog. Not only do blogs help readers understand the content better, but it keeps users on your site for longer. It also encourages higher ranking on Google, and it creates even more impressive rich results with schema.

Electrician blog showcasing an image on SERPs

Blog Regularly

Keeping your blog regularly updated on relevant topics to your industry is an excellent indicator for Google that you are an expert in your industry. Google prioritizes expert voices in the results page, and blogs can help you separate your website from your competitors. Try publishing new blogs on your site at least once a month to build a portfolio of topics that you’re an expert on. Google also prioritizes fresh content, and blogging regularly will keep your site fresh and able to be ranked.

Why Work With Blue Corona?

This is just the tip of the iceberg for blogging for electrician SEO. Blue Corona is the digital marketing company you can trust your electrical company with. We stay on top of the newest trends in the SEO industry so you don’t have to. We know when Google’s algorithm updates roll out, what is impacted, and what to do in response. We know the best practices to get your blog in the top spot of Google. And we only make data-driven decisions to drive the most traffic and leads possible for your site.

Contact us today to learn more.

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