Content That Inspires and Engages: 4 Millennial Mom Content Insights

Content That Inspires and Engages: 4 Millennial Mom Content Insights
Content That Inspires and Engages: 4 Millennial Mom Content Insights

Content That Inspires and Engages: 4 Millennial Mom Content Insights

The numbers game is over, especially if you’re trying to connect with Millennial Moms. Gone are the days of pumping out multiple blogs, 47 social media posts, and email blasts every day. The evolution of content to a more value-driven model is good news; marketers and the companies they serve can refocus on creating value, engagement, and connection rather than spamming their customers with low-quality content in the hopes something will stick. 

Those in the content marketing game have seen the industry evolve drastically over time, and with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, changes accelerated to match the historical moment. The following are content marketing trends to know going into 2022 and before exploring our proprietary research in the rest of this blog: 

  1. Video content and multimedia reign supreme with consumers. 
  2. Podcast listening has grown over 60% in the last three years. 
  3. Blogs are stalwarts of content marketing: still sought after, still valuable.
  4. Automation is the new backbone of content marketing. 
  5. Marketers need to create the content consumers want rather than trying to draw consumers to them.  

Now that we’re clear on the state of marketing let’s talk about where Millennial Moms fit the trends—and where they deviate—so you can meet this audience where they are. We designed our 2021 Millennial Mom annual research to explore engagement-driving facets of audience interaction—financial decision making, online purchasing behavior, social media use, and content consumption. Let’s talk content.


1. Quick Turnaround Reigns Supreme 

While you can easily find a multitude of articles touting a decreased attention span as a cause for concern as well as the impetus for quick-turnaround marketing, the reality is a lot more nuanced. (Plus, having the attention span of a goldish isn’t the insult people think it is—goldfish are competent learners for their small size!) So let’s put this in context: 

The top six types [of content] are often quick turnaround content and reach the eyes and ears of Millennial Moms more frequently than labor-intensive infographics, webinars, and eBooks.  

Our annual research found that Millennial Moms prefer content like blogs, social media posts, and emails, but the reason behind this preference isn’t due to short attention spans. Millennial Moms are busy. They like content, but they need it to be digestible so they can squeeze it in between their many activities and responsibilities. Here’s what we learned: 73% of Millennial Moms enjoyed social media posts last year, 53% read at least one email from a company, and 43% watched video content. 

So to connect with Millennial Moms, prioritize content that’s quick to produce and quick to consume. It’s a win-win for everybody involved. Just make sure the content you create is the content Millennial Moms look for.

2. Teach Them a New Skill

When we asked Millennial Moms why they seek out certain types of content—blogs, podcasts, and videos—the top motivation varied by medium. When the content in question is blogs or videos, Millennial Moms want to learn how to do something. About 52% of Millennial Moms visit blogs for how-tos, and about 53% look for the same when they watch videos. Comparatively, 43% listen to learn from podcasts, the third most prevalent reason they seek out this content type. 

If you want to create content that connects, teach your audience a thing or two. Of course, knowing what your audience looks for is essential, but it’s just as important to understand what Millennial Moms don’t want to see in content. Namely, as our research found, “while influencer culture continues to infuse our digital media experiences, Millennial Moms look past the name recognition and want to get something out of the content they consume. So center your content around the value it provides, not the name around it. 

Deprioritize the bandwagon effect, carefully navigate any celebrity endorsements, and consider putting any influencer-heavy campaigns on hiatus. Instead, lead with value and create content that matches Millennial Moms’ values: They love to learn and seek content that helps them on the journey to be capable, self-sufficient humans.


3. Prioritize Healthy Living

Millennials are stressed out. Period. And their health is in decline—faster than any other generation experienced at the same age. Millennial Moms know this, and they’re trying to do something about it. Millennial Moms respond to empowering content that centers them in the story, the hero of their family. Specifically, when we asked Millennial Moms to tell us what content topics they prefer most, health and wellness came out on top: 

  • 47% of Millennial Moms read blogs for health and wellness information, more than any other topic
  • 35% of Millennial Moms watch videos for health and wellness information, the top response out of all options
  • 33% of Millennial Moms listen to podcasts for health and wellness information, the top response by a nine-percent landslide  

If appropriate, center your content around how it can help Millennial Moms live fuller, healthier lives. And remember, health is multi-factorial and touches mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social, and financial realities. So even if you think your company’s offering doesn’t impact health, it probably does if you go a little deeper. Here’s more insight from our research:

The social and economic infrastructure [Milennial Moms] thought they would be able to rely on in adulthood quickly upended as they came of age. Cater your content to the millennial drive to adapt, learn, and find creative ways to stand on their own feet and take care of themselves. 

Don’t do it for them; show them how to do it for themselves.


4. Pique Their Interest With a Discount or Sale

Emails are the one type of content that Millennial Moms definitively consent to receive promotional materials from companies. The number one reason Millennial Moms sign up for an email list is for a sale or a discount. Over 60% of Millennial Moms told us this is why they open the gates to company communication. Here’s what you need to know: 

Millennial Moms can spot a charlatan a mile away; ditch the sales pitch, and speak to them on a human-to-human level. Giving them free stuff doesn’t hurt either—discount codes, downloadable resources, and information about events. Then let them decide whether they want to engage.  

Millennial Moms want to save money, be financially savvy, and guide their families towards financial independence. They love a discount or sale because it helps them reach those goals. So again, Millennial Mom-centered content is the best content. Meet them where they are and see them for who they are.


Connect With Millennial Moms Today

Now that you’re equipped with four data-backed insights, you’re ready to create content that connects, creating the ideal environment for you to initiate and nurture relationships with Millennial Moms. But you don’t have to stop there. In our minutes-to-read Millennial Mom Quick Guide, you can get access to expanded insights—even juicier stats. So click the link to start learning. 

If you want to bypass the resources and talk research directly with our team, email us at [email protected]. We’re happy to talk about our Millennial Moms research or explore how to help you reach your audience better, faster. Let’s talk. 



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