New Photo Trends on Instagram: 2024 Edition

New Photo Trends on Instagram: 2024 Edition
New Photo Trends on Instagram: 2024 Edition

New Photo Trends on Instagram: 2024 Edition

After scrolling through thousands of IG posts (for work, obviously), here’s what we’ve learned about new photo trends on Instagram in 2024: they’re joyfully diverse and absolutely love to contradict each other.

New Instagram photo trends include random, blurry photo dumps but also meticulously planned monochrome pics. There are trends that bask in natural sunshine, but also trends that embrace party-all-night-long flash photography.

That’s the best thing about modern photo editing trends: if one isn’t your style, there’s certainly another you’ll love. Read on for 11 Instagram photo trends, examples from the pros and advice for pulling off every single look (kind of like this Italian greyhound).

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2024 new photo trends on Instagram

1. Photo dumps

In the past, Instagram naysayers have hated on the platform for being too polished: heavily filtered, expertly edited and beautifully curated photos didn’t represent real life. The answer to this artificial world? The photo dump.

Photo dumps are a collection of “imperfect” photos, and generally have a more random vibe than your standard IG carousel post. They embrace a carefree, unedited, authentic vibe… a breath of fresh air for the perfectionist social media manager.

A photo dump can be a collection of photos from a certain period of time, like this one from hair salon Life and Colour:

Or, it can be a bunch of photos that revolve around a similar theme, like this one of Gracie Abrams’ dog.

All of the above considered, a photo dump doesn’t need to be representative of a time period or have a theme at all. Chaos thrives in photo dump world.

While celeb IGs are a great place to find photo dump inspo, brands are doing this trend well, too.

How to get the look:

  • Assemble a collection of photos that you like.
  • Try to have variation in the types of angles, subjects and moods of the photos.
  • Don’t overthink it. Photo dumps are supposed to be fun!

2. Embrace the blur

Like the photo dump phenomenon, out-of-focus or blurry photos proudly place flaws at the forefront. (Aren’t you glad you spent all that money on your hi-res phone camera?)

Blurry photos capture motion and can have a dreamy vibe, like this creator’s sunset posts.

And similar to photo dumps, blurry pics project a carefree, authentic persona (whether you’re a person or a brand). This carousel post from Camilla Cabello is a great example. How cool and chic to not even care about image quality, right?

How to get the look:

  • Don’t delete photos just because they’re blurry.
  • Brainstorm ways that you can capture motion within your branding (for example, a clothing brand might snap a photo of someone twirling around in a flowy skirt).
  • Be selective about how many blurry photos you post—the blur should look purposeful and artsy, not take over your entire grid.

3. Monochrome madness

Matching colours create a clean, holistic and intentional mood for photos, and lately, the monochrome trend is taking over social media (we might have Barbie to thank for that: all-pink photos hold a power like we’ve never seen before).

That said, the monochrome effect can be done in any colour. You can use moody yellows like this skincare brand…

…or bright purples, like this bakery…

…or soft blues, like this sink company.

How to get the look:

  • Be as matchy as possible! Pick a colour and stick to it.
  • Use your brand colours whenever possible to create a cohesive look on your social feeds.
  • Make sure the photos are well-lit and clear (just because you have a lack of contrast doesn’t mean the image should be hard to interpret).

4. Pleasing patterns

Humans love to find patterns, and there’s something very satisfying about straight lines, repetitive forms and predictable structure—especially when done creatively.

You might find patterns in your everyday work (for example, a lineup of this soap maker’s wares turns out to be a very beautiful, linear pattern).

Or, you can create the pattern yourself by arranging similar sized objects in a grid, as this artist does.

A pattern can also be totally fabricated (a good photo editing app goes a long way). Take this smattering of ice cream sandwiches, for instance: it’s a composite image made up of a bunch of photos of the product. The pattern wasn’t present IRL, but it’s sure pretty on Instagram.

How to get the look:

  • Be on the lookout for visual patterns while you’re working. Even mundane subjects can be beautiful when arranged in a specific way.
  • If you’re lining up items to photograph yourself, be as precise as you can when it comes to spacing and the camera angle.
  • Don’t worry too much about your branding for this kind of image—it’s more about the shareability of a pretty photo than it is about conspicuous marketing.

5. Zoomed out photos

To put it bluntly, the 0.5 lens option has Gen Z in a chokehold. The wide-angled, slightly distorted image that results is a mark of modern social content. Scientists may never know why, but photos taken in 0.5 are inarguably more fun. When in doubt, zoom out.

Some 0.5 photos are more subtle than others. This bodega photo, for example, has a bit wider of a frame than a regular photo, but the image doesn’t look warped.

Same goes for this post from actor Cami Mendes.

How to get the look:

  • Use the 0.5 lens option every once in a while when taking photos.
  • This kind of photography really emphasizes the centre of the frame, so make sure to centre your subject.
  • Lean in to the distortion: warping is winning.

6. Nostalgic design

Style is cyclical, and no matter what generation you’re part of, trends will come back and make you feel old (hopefully not the scourge on humanity that was the 2000s mustache craze, but you never know).

Right now, ‘70s-era design is in: the colour palettes, fonts and composition of images hearkens back to groovier days. Lettering in particular can really bring a viewer back in time, as is proven by this sandwich announcement…

…and this pasta-making workshop poster.

The deep oranges, navy blues and dark greens common in 1970s design help create a funky vibe in this rug company’s post, too.

How to get the look:

  • Find examples from brands that are nailing nostalgia and follow their lead.
  • Use online resources to find colour palettes that fit your era (for example, search ‘70s colour palette on Pinterest).
  • Don’t use too many different fonts. When in doubt, use a template (we’ve made a list of over 200, and there’s plenty of retro designs to choose from).

7. Warm vibes

From direct sunlight to moody golden hour snapshots, photos in 2024 are warming up our feeds. Glowy, toasty, cozy photos transport us away from our screens and into a serene, natural space.

Here’s a classic golden hour snapshot from actor Pranavi Manukonda.

And a warm, intimate photo of a restaurant’s interior.

This photo from clothing brand Aritzia rocks the sunny look, too.

How to get the look:

  • If you’re doing a “golden hour” photoshoot, get your set-up done well before sunset (the window of time you’ve got to work with is small).
  • When you’re editing photos, try turning up the warmth.

8. Back in a flash

And on the other side of the spectrum, there’s wholly artificial light. Flash photography certainly fell out of fashion in the 2010s, but the 2020s are all for a paparazzi moment…after all, using only natural light means your photo-taking opportunities disappear as soon as the sun does.

Flash can really show off the delicious details of food, as this hamburger pic does…

… or if hot dogs are more your style, there’s this post from Bon Appetit.

Using a flash also has a certain “now”-ness, and can feel like preserving a special, unique moment. This carousel of posts from Our Place exemplifies that.

How to get the look:

  • Don’t be afraid to use the flash.
  • Play with the contrast of your photos.
  • Experiment with candid flash photography as well as meticulously arranged brand images.

9. Carousel panoramas

You can’t post a photo on Instagram with dimensions wider than 1080 by 566 pixels… that is, unless you’re sneaky about it (which, of course, we are). Carousel panoramas are single photos that line up with each other to create one long image. They’re irresistibly scrollable.

A carousel panorama can be an actual panorama (duh), like this snowy seaside landscape.

But any long photo will do—cream puffs make beautiful subjects, as well.

How to get the look:

  • Cut a long image into several smaller images.
  • Post those images as a carousel.
  • If you can, strategically cut off the images at an interesting point (encouraging viewers to swipe forward and see what’s hidden).

10. Text posts

Think of photos and text as two separate entities? Think again. The text post thrives on Instagram in 2024. It’s a more engaging way to share information than simply writing it in the caption, and can make text more sharable, too.

This post from Strategist explains what sulfates are and what they do to your hair. The border, illustration and fonts make the post look professional and modern (a lot better than a screenshot from the Notes app, which someone should tell apologizing celebrities ASAP).

Any kind of text can be used in this sort of photo—a well-designed positive review, for example, is an excellent marketing strategy, like this one posted by NYT cooking.

Text posts can also be prompts for engagement, like this one asking viewers to comment their favourite coffee shops that don’t charge extra for plant-based milk.

How to get the look:

  • Choose short, concise text (you’re not writing an essay).
  • Use graphics, images and fonts to dress up the information.
  • Start with a template if you need some inspiration.

11. Add yours

On Instagram stories, the “Add yours” feature creates mini-trends that can be started by and contributed to by anyone. It’s a chance to connect with your community and opt in to spontaneous sharing—unlike using a content calendar, the Add yours sticker is often a spur-of-the-moment story.

The stickers might ask for pictures of sunsets, pet photos, winter memories, etc.

add yours sticker pet pics with dog
Source: Meta

How to get the look:

  • If you see an “Add Yours” sticker you’d like to contribute to, hit the “Add Yours” button on that sticker to post your own photo or video.
  • To create your own, tap the Stickers button in the Instagram story editor and then select “Add Yours”
  • Consider adding your own “Add yours” sticker to your story highlights so it doesn’t disappear after 24 hours.

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