Is SEO for Window & Door Companies Worth the Investment?

<div>Is SEO for Window & Door Companies Worth the Investment?</div>
<div>Is SEO for Window & Door Companies Worth the Investment?</div>

Is SEO for Window & Door Companies Worth the Investment?

<div>Is SEO for Window & Door Companies Worth the Investment?</div>

Yes, SEO for Window and Door Companies Is 100% Worth It

As the owner of a window and door company, you’re always thinking outside of the box and finding creative solutions for your clients and their diverse home needs. Perhaps a client owns a historic home and is looking to install energy-efficient windows while still maintaining the home’s charm. Or maybe you have a client looking to replace Weather Shield doors. Regardless of their unique needs, you’re there to provide quality service and trusted care.

But how do you get in front of those potential customers and show off your expertise? If you’re looking to take your business to the next level and invest in effective marketing strategies, then SEO for window and door companies is a must-have strategy in your marketing toolbox.

So, What Is SEO and How Does It Work?

Sure, you’ve heard the term SEO buzzing around, but you’re not 100% sure what it actually is and if it would be beneficial to your business.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is an essential tool for any business that has an online presence. Combining on-site efforts like improving the quality of your website with off-site tactics like managing your Google Business Profile, SEO is constantly evolving to increase your online visibility and rankings.

Ultimately, all of these strategies work with one goal in mind: capturing more website traffic and qualified leads.

SEO for Window and Door Companies Is About Playing the Long Game

With all this in mind, it’s important to know that SEO does not work as a quick fix to help your window and door leads come flooding in. Rather, it’s a long-term marketing strategy where through website content and code optimization, new website content, and continual tweaking of strategy, you’ll see growth in qualified leads and revenue over time.

As you continue your SEO efforts, you’ll only see your business rank on the first page of Google for more keywords — SEO, while a slow start, has a snowball effect.

Similarly, SEO is also worth the time and investment, as many users are more trusting of organic results that that rank in search results than paid ads. In fact, SEO has 20 times more traffic opportunity than paid ads on both mobile and desktop devices.

Search Intent & Helping Your Customers Find You via SEO

In today’s digital age, most people look to their phones and computers first when trying to find a local window and door company. When thinking about your customers, it’s helpful to know how they’re searching.

Say they’re in the market for a window repair, a typical search would look something like, “window repair near me.” Google and other search engines have picked up on the fact that most users search for local goods and services. Understanding local intent and local SEO is a key way to market your door company in your area.

Now, How Can SEO Benefit Your Window and Door Company?

Website Traffic & Leads

Improving your rankings is no easy feat, but through analysis of data and content, SEO works to edit your site structure and optimize your website content so that search engines can find your website and rank your pages. This helps local users find your website and services and, ultimately, generate more qualified leads and sales. Outrank your competitors and shine a spotlight on your business and all that you offer.

By improving your rankings, you’re more likely to be seen and, in turn, clicked on by potential local customers. 93% of consumers use search engines to find a local business.

One business, Window Fix in Brooklyn, NY, saw a 23% year-over-year increase in local, organic website traffic from SEO for window and door companies.

And with increased traffic comes increased leads: Window Fix achieved a 205% qualified lead increase from SEO during the same time period.

SEO results for window and door company

Google Business Profile

Another tool that helps users find your business is your Google Business Profile. This is the business listing that appears when homeowners search for window- or door-related keywords (e.g., “vinyl window replacement near me”) and helps you appear in Google Maps. Here is where you can highlight your photos, share your hours, and add your service categories.

Window and door company Google Business Profile

Knowledge Panel for window and door company

Another tool that helps users find your business is your Google Business Profile. Here’s where you highlight your photos, add your service categories, and share your business hours. Optimizing your profile according to Google’s guidelines positions your business in the best light to have it be seen.

Your Google Business Profile also has a major impact on the amount of website traffic and qualified leads your window and door company generates from the internet, too.

One client of ours, Quality Window & Door, saw a 17.7% increase in the total number of times customers found their Business Profile listings.

Increasing their Business Profile visibility resulted in a 30.3% increase in website visits and a 37.6% increase in phone calls.

SEO results for window and door company

Finding the Right SEO Strategy for Your Window and Door Business

At the end of the day, SEO is essential for any business looking to market themselves in the digital space. Put your best foot forward and find an agency that understands your business’s unique needs.

A Leading Digital Marketing Agency for Window and Door Companies

Blue Corona is a full-service digital marketing agency with a specialization in home services businesses such as residential window and door installers. Our SEO services for window and door companies measurably:

  1. Increase qualified leads and sales by increasing your company’s rankings and visibility on search engines
  2. Reduce your marketing costs by generating long-term results that continue to generate qualified website traffic, leads, and sales for your company
  3. Differentiate your brand online from top competitors by outranking them on the web

Professional SEO Services for Window and Door Companies

SEO is time-consuming and requires a close attention to detail, so rather than try and master a new craft, focus on your window and door company and let the experts at Blue Corona help you.

Looking for professional SEO services for your window and door company? Contact us online today!

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