The Best Facebook Ads for HVAC Companies

The Best Facebook Ads for HVAC Companies
The Best Facebook Ads for HVAC Companies

The Best Facebook Ads for HVAC Companies

3 Types of Facebook Ads All HVAC Companies Should Run

When it comes to marketing as an HVAC company, Facebook might be the least of your worries. However, with Facebook Ads, you can reach people in your service area who need HVAC services at a low cost per lead! Facebook Ads allows you to customize your audience based on location, age range, gender, language, interests, and behaviors. You can even exclude certain interests or job titles to hone in on your target audience.

In this blog, we will review the types of Facebook Ads for HVAC companies we have seen the most success with for HVAC companies, including:

  1. Lead Ads
  2. Website Traffic Ads
  3. Boosted Posts

First, Install a Pixel To Measure (and Improve) Facebook Ad Performance

Before we get into the good stuff, an important thing to remember before you start advertising on Facebook is to install the Facebook pixel on your website. A Facebook tracking pixel is a piece of code that collects data from your website, which helps you track conversions from Facebook Ads, optimize your ads, build target audiences to utilize in the future, and create audiences for remarketing.

how to install facebook pixel

Facebook Lead Ads

With Facebook Lead Ads, people can click on your ad and a form will pop up, so they never have to leave the platform. The form is already populated with their Facebook contact information, so after answering any questions you have chosen for the form, their answers and contact details are ready to be sent directly to you. This is a simple way to generate leads for your company.

Lead ads are especially helpful for building up your HVAC company’s email marketing list or conducting giveaways.

Lead Ad on Facebook for HVAC company

Facebook Website Traffic Ads

Facebook website traffic ad for HVAC contractor

Facebook’s Website Traffic Ads are eligible to show on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger, and they send people to certain pages on your website.

You might ask, “What pages on my website should they be sent to?” If you don’t have much organic traffic or brand awareness, you could send them to your homepage.

If you want to promote a particular product or service (i.e., promoting emergency AC repair in the middle of a hot summer), you can send them to your webpage for that service.

Lastly, if you would like to highlight any promotions you are currently running, you should send them to your promotions/specials page. If you have multiple promotions running, you can use a carousel ad to promote them all! Facebook users can scroll through your various promotions with a carousel ad, as shown below.

Facebook carousel ad for heating and air company


Facebook landing page views for ad delivery

This means your ad will be shown to the people Facebook thinks are most likely to click it and load your chosen landing page. This can improve the amount of traffic you see on your website from your ads.

Facebook ad reporting

Boosted Posts

If you are looking to reach a specific audience beyond people that like your page, you should try boosted posts! With boosted posts, you are simply using money to advertise and promote a post that has already been published to your Facebook page organically.

Boosted posts lead to more likes on your posts and, depending on the type of content you are boosting, possibly lead to more traffic to your website.

You can boost any post you want, but it might be most helpful to boost posts about awards you’ve won, recent projects your company has completed, recent blogs you have created, testimonials from customers, and even contests or promotions.

All in all, Facebook Ads are worth a try to see if they will prove to be successful for your HVAC company!

Facebook Advertising for HVAC Companies

Blue Corona is a full-service HVAC marketing agency focused on helping residential heating and air conditioning companies across the United States measurably increase qualified leads and sales while reducing marketing costs.

Contact us today to learn more about how Facebook Ads for HVAC companies can help you grow your business and build a community of loyal followers.

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