<div>How To Remove a Google Business Profile From Maps & Search</div>

How To Remove a Google Business Profile From Maps & Search

If you landed on this article, you’ve likely been searching for instructions on how to get a Google Business Profile deleted so it cannot be found on Search or Maps anymore. Like most Google processes, the true removal of a business profile is not entirely straightforward or spelled out for business owners/marketers. Fortunately, Blue Corona has discovered a process with a high success rate for removing Google Business Profiles once and for all.

Disclaimer: This process is not 100% guaranteed to remove your listing from Search and Maps but is the most proven process we have come across.

First, you must have Manager or Owner access to the Google Business Profile listing you want to delete. Without that access, you won’t be able to complete this process.

Step 1: Mark Your Business as Permanently Closed

Once you have confirmed the listing you want to remove, navigate to its business dashboard while signed into the correct Google account. Go to “Business Profile Settings,” then “Remove Business Profile,” then click “Mark this business as closed,” check “Permanently closed,” then save.

Caution: Customers will see a red “Permanently Closed” marker on your listing after this step is completed.

Google Business Profile settings


Mark business closed on Google Business Profile


Changing Google Business Profile hours to permanently closed

Step 2: Remove Profile Content and Managers

Now that your business is appearing as Permanently Closed, the next step is removing all profile content and managers, which, as stated in the screenshot below, removes all content and photos added by your account as well as nullifies any associated Ads campaigns. Confirm with all relevant parties you are ready to complete this step and then go back to “Business Profile Settings,” “Remove Business Profile, “Remove profile content and managers.” You will be given the option to export a copy of your profile data if you’d like to. Then, click Continue. As stated by Google, your listing will still be visible after completing this step, though without the content/photos you’ve added.

Caution: Once “Continue” is clicked, there is no going back. You will totally lose access to this profile.

Removing Google Business Profile content


Removing Google Business Profile content and managers

Step 3: Report Business Profile/Suggest Edit That It Doesn’t Exist

The next step is for you and your colleagues to find your business profile that you’d like to remove on Search/Maps, as it is still live. Once you’ve found it, click “Suggest edit,” then “Close or remove,” then “Doesn’t exist here.” After you’ve completed this step, you should receive a confirmation email from Google that it’s reviewing your suggestion.

Suggest an edit to a Google Business Profile


Close or remove a Google Business Profile


Google Business Profile doesn't exist here

Step 4: Wait at Least 24 Hours

Google advises waiting at least 24 hours after doing this to allow for Google to review your suggestion and take action to remove the listing. Once the listing is removed, you should receive a confirmation email that your suggestion was published/the listing was removed. Congratulations, you’ve successfully deleted the Google Business Profile!

Business doesn't exist on Google Business Profile

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