eCommerce In 2021 and Beyond: Connecting With Millennial Moms

eCommerce In 2021 and Beyond: Connecting With Millennial Moms
eCommerce In 2021 and Beyond: Connecting With Millennial Moms

eCommerce In 2021 and Beyond: Connecting With Millennial Moms

We’ve conducted Millennial Mom Research for the last few years to bring you timely insights into this influential demographic’s values, behaviors, and preferences. One of the categories we’re building is a catalog of year-over-year data for online purchasing behavior. With new data in tow, we can connect 2021 eCommerce trends with strategic Millennial Mom marketing. Let’s talk about what’s new, what we know about Millennial Mom spending habits, and how you can better connect with this audience. 


eCommerce 2021: Growth, Unprecedented Delays, and Boat Memes

Quarter one eCommerce sales in 2021 increased 39% from 2020’s data, reaching $196.6 billion. It’s safe to say COVID-19 had a little something to do with that, with many working from home and many companies evolving to include delivery, contact-free options, and apps for touchless ordering. Frankly, it just felt safer for many of us to order online, get a package straight to our front doors, and enjoy our online purchases with less risk than an in-store visit. 

eCommerce grew steadily since 2014 and is predicted to continue growing in the coming years. Due to its convenience and accessibility to internet and smartphone users across the US, it makes sense for companies to join the eCommerce world. For companies with largely millennial customer bases, it’s mandatory to sell your goods or services online. The millennial generation grew up online, and they continue to interface with friends, family, and product lines online. 

A humor-loving generation, millennials texted Suez canal memes to each other when global shipping hit the fan in March of this year. Jokes aside, a worldwide pandemic and rare canal-blocking event put a microscope on an already imperfect system. 

If you ordered a product months ago and it still hasn’t arrived on your porch, there may be a reason. Early in the pandemic, shipping containers crisscrossed the oceans in full force, bringing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other crisis-related goods to countries in need while consumer goods temporarily slowed. But eCommerce sprung back quickly, demand soared, and chaos ensued. Containers remained in the wrong places, product demand outpaced shipping supply, and traffic jams in ports left many ships floating idly at sea, waiting to finish the job.

Many companies—9 out of 10—report they’re investing in supply chain resilience measures. Nobody wants a repeat of 2020. And behind the screens are Millennial Moms, ready to purchase goods and services to support their growing families.

Millennial Mom eCommerce Engagement 


In 2021, Millennial Moms continue to make purchases online, creating many opportunities for your business. According to our research, about 60% of the 400-some Millennial Moms we surveyed make 50-100% of their purchases online using a mobile device. The top products Millennial Moms purchase online are:

  • Clothing
  • Groceries
  • Toys/activities/resources for their children
  • Home decor
  • Makeup and beauty products

In our 2021 Millennial Moms survey, we asked how these ladies first hear about companies. About 1 in 2 said they heard about companies through social media advertisements. Large percentages also hear from a friend, family member, or coworker.  

Millennial Moms look to price first and foremost when deciding whether to click “Add to Cart” or not. About 44% of respondents from our survey prioritized price, and the next closest response was ease of purchasing at about 1 in 5 of Millennial Moms. 

If they’re interested and the price suits their budget, Millennial Moms can still be swayed to go through with the purchase—or choose a different company’s product. Online reviews influence Millennial Moms the most, with nearly 8 in 10 saying word of mouth was most likely to influence their purchasing decision. About 1 in 2 ranked previous experience with the brand as influential, and 1 in 2 said price point could change their mind or inspire them to buy.

As they’re working through their online purchasing experience, certain aspects of that experience sweeten the deal. Free shipping took the cake, with nearly 7 in 10 Millennial Moms choosing this answer as vital to them. The next most commonly selected answer was quick shipping, followed by coupon codes, and receiving shipping updates via text or email. Shipping is a big priority for Millennial Moms. In the context of shipping crises and increasing eCommerce sales, there are actionable steps you can take to ensure a positive experience for the Millennial Moms on your customer list. 


Connecting With Millennial Moms Through eCommerce

After reviewing the overall state of eCommerce in 2021, including shipping challenges, and our 2021 Millennial Mom survey data, we can provide you with three data-backed actionable steps to ensure it’s smooth sailing from here on out. 


1. Transparency is essential.

Here’s the deal. Millennial Moms have some sense that global shipping took a hit in 2020 and into 2021. They’re also a pretty understanding bunch; many of them worked service jobs at one point in their lives if they don’t still, and they know the story behind-the-scenes matters. Just be honest with them. As our data shows, they love free shipping or quick shipping, but providing them with shipping updates makes a difference, too. If there is a shipping delay for their product, let them know. Keep them abreast of the situation, and if their package goes missing en route, be ready to own it and make it up to them in the form of discounts or coupon codes. 


2. Be mobile-friendly. 

Mobile purchases are standard in 2021, especially with Millennial Moms. Whenever you’re launching a website, an email marketing campaign, or creating a blog linking to your company’s offerings, do your due diligence to make sure it all shows up how you want it to on mobile. A bad digital experience can sour your image in the mind of Millennial Moms, so it’s in your best interest to make sure they can find your offerings on mobile and load up that cart. 


3. Make it a good experience. 

Word of mouth is huge for Millennial Moms. They overwhelmingly look to the people they know for advice and suggestions, and when searching for a product or service, you can bet they’re going to read online reviews to see how you land for people like them. The eCommerce kiss of death is allowing one customer to have a bad experience. You know they’re going to write about it publicly, and if multiple people have a similar experience, those online reviews can become saturated with single stars. 


eCommerce Gains in 2021

With a bit of insight and understanding, you can capitalize on an evolving eCommerce industry and overcome the challenges of global shipping setbacks. If Millennial Moms are part of your customer core, know they like their products to come to them fast, look to peers to vouch for your product, and are active participants in the digital global economy. For a full breakdown of our 2021 Millennial Mom survey, stay tuned; we launch the full report this summer. As millennials ourselves, we know this demographic inside and out and would love to help you develop a strategy that connects. Send us an email at [email protected]

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