Every Home Service Website Needs Blue Corona Chat. Here’s Why.

Every Home Service Website Needs Blue Corona Chat. Here’s Why.
Every Home Service Website Needs Blue Corona Chat. Here’s Why.

Every Home Service Website Needs Blue Corona Chat. Here’s Why.

How Home Service Companies Turn More Website Visitors into Booked Appointments

In the early 2000s, instant messaging made it easier than ever to connect with family and friends. This convenience permanently transformed the way we communicate. It didn’t take long for businesses to catch on — some of the world’s biggest brands were using web chat by 2002.

Automated chat for business emerged around the mid-2010s, simplifying live chat management and ensuring no customer was left on read. As a result, customers now expect instant responses, even from small, local brands.

Home service businesses are historically behind on implementing new technology. In a consumer’s mind, there are 100 plumbers they can call, 200 carpet cleaning companies, etc. To most, home services has become commoditized. To stand out and capture more leads, give your customers the ability to communicate with you in a simple, frictionless fashion.

Many web chat providers cater to household names in tech. But what about local home service businesses operating on a limited budget? Shouldn’t they enjoy access to sophisticated software that helps them build better relationships with their customers?

We think so.

Consider these small business marketing stats regarding artificial intelligence (AI):

  • When shopping for new technology, over half of SMBs think AI is important
  • Only 11% of SMBs currently use AI

Closing this gap is part of Blue Corona’s mission. Tailor-made for local home service businesses, Blue Corona Chat is affordable, easy to use, and offers intuitive analytics.

Let’s take a look at how Blue Corona Chat simplifies communication and lets your customers connect with your business on their terms.

What Is Blue Corona Chat?

Benefits of Blue Corona ChatBlue Corona Chat gives home service businesses full control over how they interact with their customers.

It’s not automated chat. It’s not live chat. It’s a hybrid, flexible solution that allows staff members to jump right into the conversation if needed.

When your home service business closes up shop, Blue Corona Chat keeps working around the clock to answer your customers’ questions, capture leads, and book more jobs.

Every team member can watch conversations unfold in real-time with cross-device notifications and even a Chrome extension. If a customer asks to speak to a human, any of your team members can jump right in.

The artificial intelligence capabilities working behind the scenes of Blue Corona Chat learn every day to better interpret and reply to your customers’ messages. Unlimited customization options allow you to personalize every element of your conversations. And with no limits on chat activity or team member accounts, rest assured you won’t encounter any unpleasant surprises on your bill.

Benefits of Blue Corona Chat for Home Service Businesses

There will always be customers who prefer to call, email, or post on your social media pages. But web chat is quickly becoming the go-to customer service channel. Nearly half of customers prefer live chat to other channels, including phone and email. Not to mention customers are more likely to buy from businesses offering web chat.

Blue Corona Chat opens up every possible avenue of communication with your business, with little to no intervention on your part. We’ve analyzed thousands of conversations to create industry-specific chat templates.

Here’s an example. Let’s say a prospect messages your HVAC business after hours. Their furnace is malfunctioning and they want to schedule an appointment. The chatbot collects the visitor’s information and reassures them a technician will contact them as soon as your shop opens to book the appointment.

Because you don’t need to participate in every conversation, you can capture new customers even when your shop is closed. This ultimately saves time and money on customer service and home services marketing.

Here are a few additional ways you can build better relationships with your customers with Blue Corona Chat:

  • Automatically capture leads and simplify lead nurture cadences with CRM integrations
  • Generate more reviews from loyal customers with built-in review capture
  • Use automated chat to boost your SEO—improve dwell time, average time-on-page, and bounce rate

By giving their customers the ability to chat with them on different platforms, Blue Corona clients generate, on average, a 2% increase in their website conversion rate:

Blue Corona Chat raises website conversion rates 2 percent

Wrapping Up: How Blue Corona Chat Is Shaping the Future of Home Services Marketing

Not long ago, web chat was exclusive to the biggest businesses in tech. But as conversational marketing software continues to influence customer expectations, it’s clear that even local home service businesses need web chat.

The future of home services marketing is conversational. Your customers expect instant, personalized interactions on the platforms they use daily. That means home service businesses of all sizes must provide a fast, frictionless customer experience.

The tools needed to accomplish this shouldn’t cost a fortune or require a developer’s expertise to use. With an easy-to-use backend, powerful integrations, and unlimited activity, Blue Corona Chat is the ultimate solution for growing home service businesses.

Learn More About Blue Corona Chat

Ready to discover how Blue Corona Chat can drive growth for your business? Contact us today to book your free demo, or watch our webinar to see our software in action.

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